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It pays well to be a gun grabber…

So you want to be a professional gun grabber? Well, get ready to live pretty well.

Perhaps you have heard of Americans for Responsible Solutions??? You know, that group that is focused on common sense gun laws Civilian Disarmament through the exploitation of battered women… Oh, they are just a mom & pop shop… with a salaries budget of $1.1 Million.

And their Executive Director, Hayley Zachary, draws a nice salary of $136,000.

And there is also $500,000+ being paid out in “consulting” fees. Gee… I wonder where that is going.

It pays well to be a gun grabber.

Gabby Giffords Off Base. Narrative busted. Again…

If you have not been living under a rock lately, then you will already know that Gabby Giffords has been attempting to push gun confiscation through the shameless exploitation of battered women.

A link appeared on The Gun Feed recently that blows Gabby Giffords’ entire movement out of the water. Read Full Post…