Our side’s Kroger counter protest was even more pathetic…

I told you yesterday about MDA showing up for their Kroger protest with armed security… Here is some more from the protest, and the counter protest…


Yes, a grand total of three people showed up for the counter protest. Come on. Thats a ridiculous showing. Can you not spread the word and get more people involved? Or atleast call some friends and have them show up. Very weak showing.

BTW – MDA, Its pretty telling when the media calls you an anti-gun group. You’re not fooling anybody.

  1. I think people need to look at the positive side here. At least the ones that support Kroger did show up. I think you forget a little thing called a job which some people still have. Besides, another way to counter protest is to keep spending money at Kroger owned stores. Did any of you do that yesterday?

  2. Well, I think that if a thousand people showed to counter protest it would have given MDA some credibility. The way it turned out, not only was their protest weak, but the counter protest was pathetic as well. I think this is a win because it demonstrates how irrelevant they actually are.

  3. Follow up: Now that I think about it, if I were the director of PR for MDA I’d have used some of Daddy Bloombucks’ money to hire a counter protest. MDA if you steal this play from me and use it you owe me money.

  4. Not to slam those that did show-up for the counter protest but in general terms, when the media is present, grooming does matter

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