Moms Demand Action leader praises Nazis. Organization then tries to scrub her Twitter feed…

So it looks like Alison A. Martin, NY chapter leader of Moms Demand Action, said on Twitter the other day that the Nazis ‘spoke wise words to live by’…

Nazi Alison-Martin-Moms-Demand

Josef Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda from 1933-1945, and preceded by Adolf Hitler.

Now, of course they are trying to sweep it all under the rug and have tried to scrub her twitter account. They deleted the tweet and her account is now surprisingly dead as a door nail.

Don’t worry. Here is the cache.

The Internet is forever, you racist bigot.

UPDATE: Here is her other twitter account. *Update* Now also shut down.

  1. There is no evidence here that Alison Martin is a racist bigot. However, it’s pretty obvious she’s an ignorant moron who doesn’t know who Josef Goebbels was.

  2. While I won’t call this women a racist bigot. I don’t know her, so I can’t make that statement. What I can comment on however is how chilling those remarks are. She has obviously read the writings from the nazi movement to be able to know about josef goebbels. ( caps intentionally left out) That regime was one of the most monstrous, horrible regimes to ever exist on our planet. To say ANYTHING that came from that movement was wise is beyond contempt. It’s almost beyond comprehension. So my question is how can anyone believe that this women or the movement she belongs to can be listened to or trusted? Making comments like that and then attempting to cover them up only backs up my belief that there is more than meets the eyes here. What do these people actually want to accomplish. It would seem safety is not really on thier list.

    1. It’s not clear that she knew who goebbels was. Based on on a past history of ignorance. . . I believe that this is just one more example of her ignorance.

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