KOA Campgrounds Irate over man carrying a gun… On his own property.

Apparently KOA Campgrounds is not too fond of guns. William owns property adjacent to a KOA campground in Idaho and had a recent run-in with KOA staff who were none too happy about him having a gun… on his own property. He had this to say:

I am writing due to an incident with KOA staff over the fence at my own property. I am not an activist, nor was I protesting or anything but: While on my own property I commonly open carry a handgun in a holster on my hip. I was minding my own business and walking my dogs around my acreage and actually on the phone with someone when I was called over to the fenceline by a KOA agent. He proceeded to tell me he had several complaints about me ‘parading with a gun’ down the fenceline. I had actually only walked the fenceline once that evening as it has been too hot today, and I was simply walking my dogs. I was at least 50 feet from the line when he called me over and I had to get off the phone to talk to him. I did not realize KOA was anti-gun, but this takes anti-gun to a new level: complaining about someone not on KOA property, whilst in uniform as a KOA agent on duty.

He has contacted KOA corporate offices to inform them about this and is asking for a full apology.

Here is video from William on the situation…

*Will update if KOA ever responds.

UPDATE: KOA responds.


KOA Arco
KOA Corporate

Oh yeah… They are on facebook too… https://www.facebook.com/KOAKampgrounds

12 Responses to KOA Campgrounds Irate over man carrying a gun… On his own property.

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  2. Bill Johnson

    He has evry right to carry to carry on hios own property & KOA needs to remember this. It’s none of their business!

  3. William Baker

    Thank you guys for getting the word out, every little bit helps. So far I only recieved a generic ‘you can call us’ type email from corporate. As for local, they have raged on a few of my friends that have called them about this, and claimed among other things ‘they only care about their customers safety.’ Like I’m somehow a threat walking my dogs.
    KOA Arco
    KOA Corporate

  4. It’s unfortunate that KOA has so little regard for others right to bear arms, let alone property rights. I can only hope that this sparks enough debate that KOA considers giving the man an apology.

  5. Paul Miller

    My roadside assistance motor club has signed me up fro membership with KOA. I told them, and KOA corporate that I was resigning my membership immediately….I told them why.

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  7. I think a hearty “f*ck you” would have been an appropriate response.

  8. KOA is on my black list. I have no desire to visit their facilities. Perhaps the rest of the gun owning public should do likewise. Just saying. It usually takes a hit in the profit margin to get corp. to see their error.

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