True Story…

Seen at the local Target…

Hipster – complete with hipster handle-bar mustache – was walking to his car while we were doing the same… He gets into a Prius that had a ‘Zombie Hunter’ bumper sticker on it. I kid you not! I was all like ‘What the, what?‘.

So I guess during the apocalypse he will be shooting zombies ironically.

*I’d love to see his gun collection.

  1. Truth be told, I know someone who has a Prius with an NRA sticker on it. No, its not an automatic dis-qualifier, but in this case it was just a single piece of the much larger picture. This guy was so hipster he was a cliche. The Prius was really just icing on the cake, so to speak.

  2. Eric,
    God-Given Rights are the original standard of Diversity. Embrace Diversity. We all have God-Given rights.
    ~Don McGaffey

  3. Maybe it is his daughter’s car. It is hard to judge people from first impressions. My kids and I some times talk about zombies as a vague substitute for whoever might actually try to home invade us or whatever. Of course some people take things too far, and paint all their guns green or whatever. I suppose I could be mistaken for a guy like that, except that I am not a hipster, I am an old timey reinactor type. I think we should just be happy that the guy did not have an anti-gun bumper sticker.

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