1. We know they are hypocrite’s but they will try and claim that gun owners will try to harm them without their armed security. Not that it will do a lot of good when a rifle is involved. Let alone the fact that they are in the safest city/state in the world as far as they are concerned. But hey we are all just dumb rednecks unsophisticated people in their book who can not be trusted with our own security.

    Why don’t we all ask Ms High and Mighty if we give up our guns if she will supply us with our own armed security when we go out?

  2. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America does not say ‘Do not own guns’ or ‘Guns should not be legal’ they are asking to “demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions to establish common-sense gun reforms,” and “gun violence prevention,” per their website. So they are not hypocrites in asking security guards and cops to protect them as they demonstrate but are using common sense to protect them from people that shouldn’t have guns in the first place!

    1. The anti-gun crowd has proven over and over that they will continue to “raise the bar” until gun ownership is not allowed. Do the support “Good and substantial reason” requirements for permitting? “May issue?” Is 10-rounds few enough? Why not 7? Do they support carry permits? In fact I am not really sure which “Common Sense” reforms MDA supports. They are aligned with MAIG … who’s STATED goal is to stop “illegal” guns… their unstated goal is to make more and more guns illegal.

    2. But the there are laws already that say and prevent some people from having guns. So again, what is thier true agenda, to take guns away.

    3. There are plenty of laws already in place which prevent those who shouldn’t from owning firearms…

      So what exactly are legislators to do short of making it near impossible for law abiding citizens “in good standing with the government” to possess firearms? The government can’t keep firearms out of the hands of convicted criminals… you think that’s gonna change by making it difficult for Joe Citize n to obtain one?!

      MDA, MA”I”G and all the other anti (“illegal”) guns are… Anti gun… Period.

    4. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. EVERYONE. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Protection from tyranny(thats already set in motion) and from “bad” people with guns. Just because youre uncomfortable does NOT give you the right to take away MY freedoms.

    5. Maybe we’ll just restrict YOUR drivers license every time another drunk driver kills someone or downsize your engine when another car chase happens because it’s only common sense…there are already laws in the books to PREVENT all of these illegal acts and #One More still happens every day. Don’t foul yourself, disarmament is the goal. Will you give up your license and car when the next drunk driver kills? Because she just did!!!

    6. Gun Grabbers are only trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, which will leave the criminals still armed. They need to leave guns alone and go after government. For years, the Federal Gov’t. and the State Gov’ts., have been taking money away from the Mental Health System. They’ve found “other” projects, more in need of the funding. Gun Grabbers need to stop blaming an inanimate object, and place the blame where it really goes…….THE GOVERNMENT

    7. They want Federal background checks, when state checks are extensive. Their ultimate goal is tohave guns only in the hands of police officers, and not private citizens. Their goal of gun education is great, but most of the people who have guns are already educated. The goal SHOULD be to take guns from criminals

    8. Actually yes they are. They want all guns out of the hands of private citizens. Their latest ad campaign said something along the lines of a woman doesn’t need a gun because 60 percent of rapes are not fatal. Now you tell me if that’s not trying to disarm everyone

    9. We already have laws in place to prevent that. Criminals and mentally unstable people that get access to (steal) firearms through people that aquired them through legal means is impossible to moderate. Educate yourself before you wreck yourself.

    10. But murder is already illegal. So by their own logic it should
      Never happen… Why do we need to outlaw or restrict anything when the act of killing regardless of weapon is already against the law?

    11. Are you mentally impaired? Maybe you should read a bit more about this group before you comment. They have about as much interest in “common sense” gun reform as piromaniacs have in fire safety.

    12. I wish I could agree, but I can’t CNN even had to bust them out for lying about statics. They are gun grabbers ,not keep the pill poppers from guns crowd.

    13. That must be why they dont understand even the basic principles of firearm safety. I was raised around firearms. I’ve never shot a single human being. Just get your facts straight and stop trying to generate fear for that witch you dont understand and get trained. Or nobody who is will take you seriously.

    14. And I choose to arm and protect myself with guns from those who shouldn’t have weapons. DUH!! That’s just common sense in itself.

    15. Hmmm…based on the picture AND your “perceived” threat from someone wanting to do harm to you while you march, I’d say these “Good guys with their guns” have “prevented” any possible harm to you during your march…so in essence, don’t you have a “good guy with a gun, stopping a bad guy with a gun?”….

    16. The lead spokesperson has said in her own words that “a good guy with a gun has NEVER stopped a bad guy with a gun”. And yet we have walking in her group, (I have to assume) “good guys” with guns. How are we supposed to process this?

    17. Well, groups like the NRA, which you despise, have been running gun safety courses for many many years. Have you ever tried to purchase a rifle? Do you think you just take one off a shelf and go to the cashier like you’re buying a gallon of milk? And how do you plan to disarm the drug dealers and gang bangers who account for most gun violence? I’m sixty years old, owned weapons in one form or another for fifty of them and have never shot at anyone, or even pointed one at another person. That’s true for the vast majority of gun owners. Too many people are crying about how many minorities are in jail. How many gun crimes are committed by them? Do you think people in the suburbs of Chicago are driving into the city to shoot the place up just for laughs?

    18. Common sense says that any “gun reforms” would be useless. Criminals don’t follow laws and Maniacs don’t either. The only thing these “gun reforms” would do is make it more difficult for people to get, or carry firearms. Eventually it all cities would become like New York City, Chicago, D.C., and that is not a good thing, there is a reason why those cities have some of the worst crime rates in the country.

    19. I always ask, when is the last time you bought a gun? I collect them and all of my weapons are legally obtained, reaponsibly stored, and lawfully used. The process for buying and keeping a weapon is not the Wild West free for all that these crazy ladies believe (yes I believe that have a mental disorder that prevents them from thinking rationally). What laws shall we pass to prevent gun violence? What % of crimes are committed by the person who obtained the gun legally? How long does the background check take? What is the process for getting a concealed carry permit? What does it mean to register a gun? Ask most of the protesters and I will bet you $20 per question that the majority get it wrong. Drunk driving and drug abuse kills twice the number of people than gun violence each year. Saving lives and improving public safety is the goal you say? Then I propose we do random drug screening on the doorsteps of every single American home on a monthly basis (drugs are illegal please remember). I propose that we install breathalyzer ignitions on every car. That saves more lives than another gun law and is equally invasive. New laws? Come on people! Enforce the ones that we have and put education ahead of fear so that we can remove the villain title from the gun owners like me. True story, my son had friends who could not spend the night in my home because I own guns. I wonder…. if something went wrong in the homes of those families, would those parents call an Unarmed Officer to keep them safe. The scariest mass killing in recent years was the theater shooting in Aurora CO. Can you imagine hiding behind your popcorn bucket with only a straw and some napkin spitballs to return fire or defend yourself? You would thank God (whom I believe in) that an armed person like me was there to draw fire and return a counter assault…. Sorry for the rant I just hate when I hear the words Common Sense used in the gun control debate.

  3. sage598 – Enough already … it is the responsibility of every citizen of this nation to protect them self, their family, their community, and their country. Its the man or woman who would die to protect any child in their care, even if that child is only standing next to them in a store or on the street, who these moms should respect and not irrationally fear.

    They are hypocritical to the point of extending the definition of the word. They are using no common sense whatsoever, they are emotionally driven by phobia and they are promoting lies and irresponsible legislation that will further the problem NOT a solution.

    Having anyone ARMED around them is hypocritical – when they seek to stop the honest citizen from protecting him/her self they should step up their game and at least demonstrate that this armed protection isn’t necessary. The very fact that they feel threatened by the law abiding gun owner when they demonstrate shows their true colors. We are of no physical threat to them, we only threaten their ability to feel a false sense of empowerment by their actions since we will not lay down and become victims.

    Their website is a farce, when you hear them speak and attempt to discuss anything with them they are for bans and confiscation. These groups came from out of state with absolutely no support in the room and gave false testimony in front of a NJ Law and Public Safety Committee. They supported legislation that attacked only the rights of the citizens of NJ and would have no basis or bearing to prevent a single crime or stop any form of gun violence.

    Not one thing they propose or support stops any criminal or the mentally ill from illegally obtaining a gun which is exactly how they do it. I’m sick of these people and their misguided agenda, their lies, their hypocrisy, and their constant assault on the liberties of the American Citizen.

  4. Why does MDA want us all to leave our guns at home locked in a safe and not carry them with us when we go out? Why do they not what us owning an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine? Why do they have armed guards and still say “A good guy with a gun has never stopped abad guy with a gun”? Is she saying that the armed guards she has arnt good guys or is it just us law abiding citizens that want to carry? I do agree that if you wish to carry you should go through a training class instead of just buying a gun and throwing it on your side. MDA honestly needs to listen and learn about guns before they start rallying aginst them and if they choose to be helpless victims then thats on them but me and my family will never be.

  5. These anti-gun groups will not rest until the Second Amendment is repealed and private gun ownership is banned!

  6. It’s strange how the very people who fight for citizens to exercise their “right to marry who they want” will picket to stop people from exercising their “right to carry their own protection.” I’m the only person I’ve seen pulling for the 2nd amendment with liberals by using their own argument against them. I happen to believe that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, just like the right to bear arms. Neither right should be infringed simply because some people choose not to exercise it. The societal problem with acceptance of either right is a problem of hate. Some people hate gays, so they fight to keep them from exercising their rights. Some people simply hate other people, so they use a tool that everyone has a right to own in a manner that it shouldn’t be used. If we could do something about hate, neither problem would be an issue. We don’t need better laws, we need better humans.

    1. Sorry to bust your bubble, but marriage is NOT mentioned in the Constitution, so gay marriage sure as hell is not a constitutional right.

      Religion, speech, privacy, property, life, freedom, those are constitutional rights.

      And when gay people use the courts to persecute religious organizations and businesses, thats the opposite of freedom and liberty.

      That is STATISM.

  7. Do Not Disarm Americans. Provide police security at our schools and use metal detectors at the entrances. But, do not disarm Americans.

  8. A bunch of attention needing, power hungry ignorant bitches Oh yeah and hypocritical liars. Their organization is modeled after a hot air balloon. IT rises and falls and blows..in many different directions.

  9. Hey Why are we talking about Shannon and her armed guards we all know they are hypocrites! What I’d really like to know is who is that redhead standing next to Shannon and I wonder if she’d like to go on a date. I can carry my gun here in PA and protect her! Just saying.

  10. Yup, I totally see all these women wearing guns on their hips. These women sure are hypocrites. Oh… wait… no, that’s the POLICE.

  11. I’ve been looking at the pictures of the “protest” on the Brooklyn bridge (front and back pics of the crowd). It appears that these pictures are trying to give you the illusion of a large crowd (front pic shows them in front of the large bridge pillars, and the back pic shows them far behind the same bridge pillar). If you look at what the crowd is carrying, it appears to me the total number of people is around 30, if you look at the signs the people are holding from both pictures, you will see that they are held in the same position, and are of the same size and color. I think the cop in the back picture is the same one in the front picture.

    Additionally, if there were “a thousand” protesters, they would be crowding the front of the protest line, not over to the left of the bridge walkway.

  12. Moms who dont get any action are GUN GRABBERS who want nothing but total confiscation.
    dont believe the lies told here.

  13. Mom’s Demand Action is not against guns, they are not even afraid of guns.

    They just want ALL THE GUNS to be in the hands of government employees.

    Essentially, MDA is America’s Nazi Party.

  14. Saying someone cant carry a gun only of protect their selves is like telling
    a woman they cant have a drivers license any longer if they are guilty of texting and driving

  15. The Federal Government has no right to regulate firearms, or, the ability of the People to obtain them. There is no more clear cut violation of the Constitution than Federal gun laws.

  16. What is that burning smell? Oh yes, someone decided to leave the stew unattended on the stove while they were out “marching”…

  17. If these Moms had raised their children right, they wouldn’t have to worry about gun legislation! Don’t try to take our guns because you did a lousy job raising your children and they go out and shoot somebody. Quit marching and go see what you spoiled brats are doing.

  18. What a buncha tards y’all are. Hey! post a sign in your front yard that you don’t own guns!!!! Go back to baking your fucking cupcakes !!

  19. These are the same pathetic, one sided women who block/ban you from having a difference of opinion on their Facebook page yet want guns to protect them.
    They should spend their time protesting the illegal gun related murders in Chicago, the highest gun control state in the country rather than bitching about how we choose to defend ourselves. HYPOCRITES~

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