Pink gun stuff – I totally get it now…

You know for the longest time I just never got it. Pink gun stuff that is. I’m sure most of that is because of the fact that I am a guy, but I honestly never fully¬† understood the whole pink gun/camo stuff until recently.

Pink gun AR15

I knew that it sold well, so I knew that was really the major underlying reason why manufacturers catered to it. I also knew that there had to be some women out there who were purchasing the stuff and using it. On the other hand there were also many women out there – including many women in the gun industry – who derided it, mocked it, and down right resented it as being condescending and demeaning. I personally always just chalked it up to ‘Meh, what-ever‘. Buy it if you like it. Dont buy it if you dont like it. After all, I never really was their target market anyway. But now I get it… and its all because of The Girl.

My daughter is 5 years old and she is pretty good when it comes to sports. She is very, very good at baseball in particular, and for the last two years she has been the only girl on her t-ball team. Now, when I say that she is very good at baseball I mean that for the last two years she has been far-and-away the best player on her team, and easily one of the best players in the league for that age. People constantly pull me aside and remark at how advanced she is for her age, and go on and on about how far ahead of all the other kids she is.

Now, I dont say all of that because I have delusions that she is going to be playing MLB baseball or college softball some day (Yes, I believe a woman is capable of playing MLB). That is a long, long way off. I am saying this because she really is that good and the thing is… she knows it.

Before this year she never really got into the whole pink sports equipment stuff, but as she has come to realize that she is usually always the best player on the field she has really come to revel in the fact that she (the best player) is also a girl.

Its a ‘Girl Power‘ thing. She loves the fact that she is the only girl on the team, and she loves the fact that she is better than all ‘the boys‘. Pink sports equipment has become how she flaunts it. Pink batting helmet, pink bat, pink trim on the cleats, pink trim on the batting gloves, and she doesn’t wear the team color socks like everyone else on the team does… she wears pink socks with the knickers-style ‘high knees‘ so that everyone can be sure to see them. She wants everyone to know that the kid out there who is making everyone else look like a scrub is a girl. She loves flaunting it.

When she gets older, I have no doubt that she will be the exact same way about guns/camo. When she starts shooting she is going to want a pink rifle, pink ear protection, a pink range bag, pink camo and anything else that she can have to let everyone know… ‘YOU JUST LOST TO A GIRL!’

  1. If I was competitively shooting and I was good, I’d totally rock pink furniture for the added getting into the opponents head factor.

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