Dueling Journalism – Glock bashing edition…

Here are two examples of the press obviously wanting to sensationalize and deamonize guns… both of them characterizing Glocks in very different ways… (emphasis mine)

including a Glock .357, a powerful firearm like the kind sometimes used in street crimes.


Drawstrings can cause guns many law enforcement agencies use to fire

Facepalm, indeed.


  1. I watched the video and I can see this could happen due to poor safety practices. I personally carry a G23 and will continue to carry it.

  2. The narrative is that Glocks are either only for criminals or for Law Enforcement. The message between the lines is that regular law abiding citizens should fear it for being scary, powerful and dangerous. Something no civilized person should have. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they also comment that they are also the most popular handguns for self defense by law abiding citizens? Why omit the largest percentage of Glock owners by a wide margin, if not to mislead public opinion?

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