1. What kind of fucking psychopath shoots animals from a helicopter? Thats not hunting. Thats not “living the dream”. Thats psychotic, dangerous, and disturbing. Take that video down! This is fucking insane.

    1. Pull your head out of your butt.

      Hogs are terribly invasive and terribly detrimental. Shooting them from a helicopter is the most effective way of controlling their over population. This is not about “sport hunting”… this is population control. Helicopter hunting is the most cost effective way of keeping their numbers down. It lets management cover much larger areas of land and take out many more hogs than they could through conventional means. That results in a much more effective management program.

      What you saw in that video was not unethical. It was a humane and quick kill. So dont start this non-sense about helicopter hunting being blood-lust and evil.

      Dont come on here and parrot liberal anti-hunting talking points that have been drummed up to sensationalize a political agenda. Hunters are conservationists and have done far more good for animal populations that PETA ever could.

  2. I live in Texas, where this was filmed. I second what Eric said. Feral hogs are becoming a national problem. National estimates to agriculture are estimated to be 1.5 BILLION A YEAR (personally, I think that estimate is low).They have killed off most ground nesting birds in the areas they infest, plus many other species.

    They eat EVERYTHING. Plus, what they don’t eat, they trample and destroy. Some hunters, like myself, do in fact, process some of their kills.

    2011 estimate in Texas, 2.6 million hogs. U.S. estimate up to 8 million nationwide. Sows will birth 1.5 times a year, with 5-6 per litter.

    1. Nope.

      You have to actually aim behind them. Some shots in that video are taken when the helicopter is hovering, but when the helicopter is moving you have to shoot behind the target and let the movement of the helicopter bring the shots on target.

      Its reversed from what you are thinking. The target is stationary, and the shooter is moving.

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