2014 Sundance Film Festival Entry – ‘Tim and Susan have matching handguns’

Well, OK then.  Believe it or not, ‘Tim and Susan have matching handguns’ is an actual film at Sundance this year. I guess to Hollywood hipsters this is some kind of far off, strange world that must be documented…with the clever spin of “Love is swapping clips with your spouse in the middle of a Three-Gun Problem.”

Meanwhile in Real-Linda…

*Look, I hate cats too, Buddy, but dont point your gun at them.

  1. Ugh, great. Did I see that right or was the wife’s finger on the trigger during the mag swap? Also, seated, same hand mag swap practice? Really? Why not practice tossing them to each other and trying to swat the pistol down on them in midair to reload? Just foolish. I’m all about practice makes perfect but in the same vein, practicing bad habits makes for perfectly bad habits. Especially the trigger finger habit. I guess I should have known it was gonna be bad when they start out with the laser and the cat part.

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