Guns & Ammo addresses the Metcalf situation in their recent issue…

Well, they do but they dont. They dont mention it directly, they dont specifically say the name “Dick Metcalf”, and they dont directly ask for forgiveness. They merely say that


“dynamic changes (…) have been in development for many preceding months (…) Given recent events, we have decided to move forward and implement these changes effective immediately.”

Guns & Ammo Dick Metcalf

They go out of their way to emphasis that they have been “an advocate for Second Amendment rights since its first issue published in 1958″. They also specifically ask that people not cancel their subscriptions:

I ask you personally to consider maintaining your support of ‘Guns & Ammo’ magazine”

Interestingly enough, No mention of the issue was given press time in their “Reader Blowback” section of the magazine… Guess they didnt get any reader blowback’ over the issue. Snort!

Exit Question: Is this a good-enough official mea culpa?


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