Why the current war on Stand Your Ground wont go anywhere…

Yes, the anti-gun crowd is now in full-on attack mode when it comes to Stand Your Ground, but here is why I dont think their little war is going to go anyplace….

Because its the same old tried-and-failed tactic that they have used in the past… Its the “The Wild, Wild West” argument all over again. Its the exact same tactic that has been tried before in the past with nearly every other area of gun ownership and it has always failed to produce results for them. The American people have heard this argument before and they are not buying it.

And oh BTW, whats the #1 reason why people are buying guns in this country??? Because they want to be able to ‘Stand Their Ground’.

Look, I’m not saying that we should not be vigilant, but this is a tactic that the gun-grabbers have used in the past and is proven to be an unsuccessful talking point. Sure, some people buy into it, but mostly all the talk that you are hearing is just the anti-gun crowd making noise. They might make some short-term gains, but its a losing strategy.


  1. “Could Gunfighters Really Shoot?”, an research article in the January 1956 Gun Magazine answers all the questions about the so-called (by dime novel writers and ’40’s, ’50’s, & ’60’s movies) “Wild, Wild, West”.
    It also contains useful facts to counter the anti-gun crowd’s hysteria.
    Interesting and highly recommended reading.

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