Top 10 Things Said by Someone Who Carries a 10mm

In my best David Letterman voice…. Here we go…

David Letterman Top 10 List

10. “Glock 19? Nice mouse gun, Bro.”

9. “Chuck Norris is my god.”

8. “40S&W stands for Short and Weak.”

7. “Stopping power”

6. “.45 ACP? Bro, thats what my girlfriend carries.”

5. Two words: “Forum moderator.”

4. “Colt Delta Elite”

3. “Because shooting someone twice is just silly.”

2. “Man-stopper”

And the #1 thing said by someone who carries a 10mm…

1. “Perhaps a snubbie for the little lady.”


And of course I have to include Caleb’s joke from the other day…

How can you tell if there’s a 10mm owner at the range?
Oh don’t worry, they’ll tell you.


    1. LOL. I’m wearing my Glock 29SF as I type this. Was with the earlier comment too. Definitely proud of my 10mm. But happy to carry my 9’s too.

  1. I….I do not say and I have not heard any of these other than the playful jab at 40 S&W being .40 short and weak because it was a nerfed down round that came after the 10mm.
    The Broseph crowd tends to pass by the 10mm in my experience, put off by the cost and the selection of 10mm firearms or sadly the lack thereof.

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