In which Mark Kelly trolls the entire Internet…

So I posed the question yesterday on the blog about if this was a picture of our “dear friend and second amendment patriot” (barf) Mark Kelly committing a felony or not at the recent Saratoga gun show…

At the time that I wrote the blog post I figured that he might have one possible out if the firearm in question was indeed old enough to be considered an “antique” and thus legally not a “firearm”… but I honestly had no way of knowing for sure,  and like I said I don’t know the in-depth specifics of the current gun laws in New York are concerning any of this. So I put it out there to find out about what all of you (especially you New Yorkers) could tell me about this. I wasn’t alone either. Other inquiring minds around the internet-webs wanted to know as well, and it turned into an interesting and informative topic of conversation.

Well, after further investigation…. (reading for comprehension, boys and girls) the AP tells me that yes, indeed that is an “antique revolver” (at least as they would have us to believe)…

Mark Kelly gun

PAUSE! OK, hold the phone just one second here… So here we have one of the rising darlings of the civilian disarmament movement at a staged publicity stunt setup so he can propagandize all us slack-jawed yokels about how universal background checks are not gonna take away our precious gun shows.

Then we have this staged photo setup where he just so happens to pick up the only gun in the room that he can legally touch because of the vague “loophole” in New York State law??? (Look at the other pics of them at the show… They look like children whose parents took them into a china shop)…. and (Here’s the kicker. Are you ready for this)… You mean to tell me that The AP – who 99.999% of the time can’t tell a clip from a clip from a shoulder thingy that goes up from an AR-47 semi-automatic machine gun baby killer – somehow miraculously figures out that a gun old enough to be classified as “antique” is not legally considered a “firearm” by ATF regulations and that fact somehow also does not get lost along the way in their reporting, but rather gets prominently displayed in the caption of that specific photo????? Really? What are the odds!

Nope, this whole thing was definitely not staged. Not staged in the least! Snort!

*Slow clap, Mr. Gabby Giffords. Slow clap. You are apparently not the Homer Simpson we all thought you were.

Mark Kelly Homer simpson

Exit Question: What biased, anti-gun media?

  1. There is still enough probable cause that this should be investigated. If there is any integrity left in the New York State police department of course.

    Its still a situation where they should thoroughly investigate it and find out the serial number on that specific gun to determine if it is indeed antique. But I’m not holding my breath. As was said yesterday, its “The David Gregory Treatment”.

  2. If you look at the caption again, they also decided to print the specific date of the incident one more time. Yeah, they are going out of their way to give him cover.

  3. With every state having their own rules as to what is a felony it is nice you clarified it was an antique gun and thus not a felony. My problem is it is still a gun that the Gifford’s claim to hate so much. They are purposely messing with peoples heads confusing them with the facts “They are still out to take all your guns away.”

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