Does this carry ammo make me look like I drive a mini van?

Hornady Critical Defense

I mentioned the other day on the Social Media Nets that I picked up a box of Hornady Critical Defense for my Ruger LCR. Having shot up all my other carry ammo for this particular gun I needed another box of personal defense stuff and this was what the local big-box retailer in my neck of the woods had on hand.

~ BTW Caleb posted a review up yesterday if you want to read it… and Richard Mann did some extensive penetration testing if you are interested in reading that. ~

So back to my original question… I’ve come to view Hornady Critical Defense as what white-bread, middle America (Gun Culture 2.0?) buys for their carry gun. They buy it not because its the best carry load out there, but rather for the simple reason that that’s what they see pictured in every gun photo in every gun rag on every news stand in the country. They dont do any research for themselves. They just buy it because thats whats marketed to them so heavily. So, to me its kinda taken on this persona of what people that drive mini vans and shop at The GAP choose because that’s what the lame stream media’s product placement and marketing tells them they should have in their gun.

You are not gonna hear any “operators” going all-out about how awesome this ammo is, or see anyone on gun forums talking about this being the greatest wiz-bang, uber ammo that takes a .380 and turns it into a .45-like man stopper. No, its not the best carry ammo out there, its not the worst carry ammo out there, and I certainly would not “volunteer to get shot with one”… Simply put, its good enough.

Now, don’t sit there and call me an Internet Commando because of this post…. I am after all openly admitting that I bought this ammo for my carry gun, and yes, I am going to carry it. But it really does make me laugh every time I see those little rubber do-dads stuffed into the hollow points and every time I think about all those countless ads in all those magazines. Can you say over exposed, ladies and gentlemen?

IMHO its not my ideal load for the .38 but its certainly good enough to carry until I find something wiz-bang/holy grail enough to finally settle on as a “man stopper”. Then I’ll just shoot up the Hornady stuff and never look back. Until then, I guess this will be my go-to carry ammo the next time I go to IKEA.

*Hmmmm… maybe I should put together a “what does your carry ammo say about you” list and post it up. No, I wont begrudge anyone out there in Internet-land who beats me to it.

**And while we are on the subject of Hornady Critical Defense let me ask you this… I know the Internet loves to debate choosing a carry ammo within the context of what a jury would or would not think about it, so… wouldn’t that make this the end all be all to that conversation. I mean what jury in America is gonna convict a man who carries pink ammo in his gun. lol

***No, I dont drive a mini van and yes, I do love this video…

  1. I think you could squeeze some funny stuff out of a “what does your ammo say about you list”, but a gunnie version of that Dad Life video would be hilarious. Operators and sheep dogs need not apply!


  2. Well, thats what I carry in my Ruger LCP. And no, I do not have any misconceptions about it being some grandiose .45 ACP like manstopper. I understand the limitations of a pocket pistol and am comfortable with the trade offs.

    Its a good round. It shoots well in my gun, and I feel that it strikes a nice balance between penetration and expansion, especially for a little .380

    I think you are right about it being a tad big over exposed. I had never really thought about it before, but yeah its probably been seen in every picture of the Ruger LCP ever published. So I guess that makes me another victim of the marketing hype. lol

    Keep up the good work. I am really enjoying the blog.



  3. I carry the Zombie Max green tip version in my LCR. Why? For the best of all possible reasons:
    It was the only self defense ammunition my local gun store had.
    So, what my ammo says about me is that I believe that any ammo is better than none.
    Then I realized that if he sees those little green nubs peeking out of my cylinder, it might throw my attacker off stride for an instant.
    I’ll take any advantage I can, no matter how small.
    So Hornady makes a contribution to breast cancer research with every box of the pink stuff sold….
    What do they contribute to with a box of Zombie Max?

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