NSSF Statement on Co Recalls

The National Shooting Sports Foundation today issued the following statement after the successful recall elections on Tuesday of State Senate President John Morse and State Sen. Angela Giron:

When legislators fail to represent the beliefs of their constituents, it is up to the voters to fire them. And this is exactly what happened Tuesday in the Colorado Springs district of John Morse and the Pueblo district of Angela Giron. Sens. Morse and Giron chose to forget about their constituents. Instead, Sen. Morse led the hasty effort that led to the passage of a series of highly restricted gun control laws that will do nothing to improve public safety but that did reflect the wishes of national anti-gun organizations, including the one led by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Sen. Giron was a key vote in this ill-considered effort.

On behalf of our members, we congratulate the grassroots effort of the Coloradans who stood up for their Second Amendment rights against a well-financed effort that poured a massive amount of money into the effort to save these seats. Congratulations, too, to Bernie Herpin and George Rivera, who now join the Colorado State Senate and whom we are certain will work diligently to represent the will of their constituents, not forgetting all those who worked so hard to put them in office.

  1. I would put the last paragraph first. It shows we are for these two patriots who stood up and led. these are the names to remember, not what his name and that other person. Then we can talk about the gun grabbers. The two who were defeated need not be remembered. Taking a page out of the pharoes play book, their names and images should be stricken from all of the statuary and symbols across this great land.

  2. The only thing that comes to mind is, YAY!!! Chalk one up for the good guys. I hope people in diverse parts of the nation take notice….the ballot box is still a powerful tool.

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