TRUGLO Customer Service

I had a few email exchanges with reader, Ed and he wanted to pass along his TRUGLO customer service experience…

Ed bought himself a set of TRUGLO Brightsite gun sights and had them installed by a gunsmith. The rear sights look great, but the front sight didn’t “GLO” at all. He sent an email to TRUGLO ]and they answered it with:  send us the slide and we will fix the forward site and return it. They did charge him $12.50 for return postage, but as far as Ed was concerned it was “almost too good to be true”.

In the follow up that he sent me after it was all said and done he said: “I sent my slide to TRUGLO along with a check for the return postage. Less than two weeks later, I got my slide back with the forward sight fixed. They are great sights and the customer service I received from TRUGLO exceeded any expectations I could have had.”

Good for him… and good for TRUGLO. There is nothing that goes farther in the business world than taking good care of a customer who feels that your business just did not live up to their expectations.

  1. I guess I am a little naive.

    He bought a product with a manufacturing defect and it cost him an extra $12.50 return postage (+ $12.50 to send it to them I assume = $25) That appears to be a 30% additional cost (on an $80 set of sights) to him for doing nothing wrong.

    I also think he needs to find another gunsmith. Any gunsmith worth his salt would have checked them out before installing them or at the least offered to install the new one when it arrived.

    If Tru-Glow wanted to get me to try one of their products based on customer service. The story would have been more like tru-glow emailed a pre-paid label to ship the slide to them and then returned it fixed. (period)

    I don’t think that sticking it to your customer for selling him a defective product is any way to run a business.

  2. I have to agree with Jack. If it is the manufacturer’s fault, then they should have paid for shipping all the way around. It is great that they fixed their own product defects, but they should not have charged him at all for what is clearly their problem. TRUGLO should send him the shipping costs.

  3. I agree with both Jack and Iblis…. I am simply passing this all along. Ed was a happy customer, and in any business situation if the customer is happy then they have done their job.

    *IMHO, they should have paid for the shipping.

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