Dont get “boned” with your concealed carry choice

I have mentioned in the past on this here gun blog that when examining the performance of and making a choice about a concealed carry round its important to take into consideration more than just bare gelatin testing. No, I am not saying that we civilians need hand cannons that can shoot through walls and automobile windshields (if that’s your thing then by all means don’t let me get you all butt-hurt over it, and please do NOT send me any emails).

What I am saying is that where the rubber hits the road for me is when you can do “barrier” testing of some sort to bring things a little more closer to real life defensive use situations and results. Bullets/calibers behave very differently when they strike bone/heavy clothing/etc than they do just passing through bare gelatin.  12 inches of penetration in bare gelatin is all fine and good, but like I have said before… we human being types are not solid blocks of gelatin.

In this video below,  a Ruger LCP is used to shoot a .380 Critical Defense round into ballistics gel through a heavy jacket, t-shirt, and a rack of ribs. With modern ammo performance is pretty nice for such a diminutive caliber… but not when it was unlucky enough to hit one of the bones…


I mention all of this to point out that Bruce over at Pocket Guns & Gear (who has a ton of great ballistics tests) is now moving into the realm of including “bone” in his testing protocol. His first such endeavor involves the .45 ACP Critical Duty. While this is a juiced up, large caliber handgun round specifically designed to defeat heavy barriers you still get a decreased amount of penetration (although small) when it hits that bone.

Now, tell me how much thats gonna impact a mouse gun caliber where you are gonna have to head-shot a bad guy to put him down. All together now, What is the human skull constructed of again???