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FGG – 6 Months with Frog Lube

Go ahead and put me down for a big +1. I love Frog Lube, and have been running it since way back in May of last year. Here is my review. Here is the video that Four Guys Guns put together on their 6 months with it:

BTW – Amazon has by far the best prices on this stuff that I have seen.

Momma is packing heat! (Her words. Not mine)

If you have been falling along on the blog, then you know that the Wife has been going on the journey of getting her concealed carry permit. Well, she is now officially officially official…. and I think she is more excited about it than I am.

She is going to be starting out very basic with simple IWB carry, but I need to know if any of you ladies out there (or men… I wont judge you) have any suggestions for purse carry options.


The Trijicon CCAS – Computer aided shooting…

The Trijicon CCAS is a new small arms aiming device that integrates a rangefinder, ballistics calculator, gyroscope, and inclinometer in order to put first round shots on target out past 300 yards.

Trijicon CCAS

I’m back…

Yep, I am back from the National Lampoons Beach Vacation. Had a great time with the fam, and now I am back home looking to take a vacation to recover from my vacation.

I will be posting once again, and have some half written stuff to finish up that I think you guys (and gals) are all gonna like. Not really sure if I am going to commentate on the whole Zimmerman thing, but I am leaning towards probably not… I am sure that you can guess where I come down on the issue and honestly, I dont really have much to add that has not already been said.

But any-who…. its good to be back. More posting to follow soon.

Somebody finally did it! NeverWet on gun parts…

The first time I saw this product my mind immediately went to gun stuff…. maybe not guns themselves, but optics, mags, ammo, lasers, various gear, who knows. Well, somebody did it:

Oh well.

The Loooooong Overdue Ruger LCR Review

Yes, I am a slacker… I admit it. I’ll take my lumps for it. And I am sorry it took so long to get this write up together… You will probably remember that a while back I picked up a Ruger LCR to serve as my new primary concealed carry gun in the summer months. Well, I have been shooting and carrying it ever since, and have finally gotten around to putting together this long overdue writeup.

Ruger LCR

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