10 Round PMAGS on eBay… Fakes soon to follow!

Magpul 10 round PMAG


I mentioned this the other day on the I-Hate-Facebook-Nets… It looks like those new 10 round PMAGS are starting to show up on eBay (just search 10 round PMAG).

Since this was the first time I had seen them in the wild, at first I wondered if these were knock-offs, but there are so many of them listed now that it looks like these probably are legit. They are selling for a definite premium over MSRP, but I am sure the price will settle once the novelty and limited availability wears off.

But that brings me to my question… with as prevalent as fakes/knock-offs are on eBay do you guys think that we will start seeing cheap Chinese (thats racist) copies trying to be passed off as the real deal? Me thinks we probably will. Especially if prices stay inflated.

  1. didn’t customs just seize a bunch of fake Blackhawk holsters? thought I saw that somewhere…

  2. I never really thought of that before, but it makes sense. I wouldn’t trust anything on eBay anyway. Exactly for that reason.

    1. Dann if you have not been paying attention certain states have a 10 round limit for magazines,

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