Stag Arms Ready to Ship Modified, CT Legal Rifles

Stag Arms unveils its redesigned military-style assault rifle, at bottom, and the original, at top. (Michael McAndrews | Hartford Courant)

I told you about this a while back that Stag was looking to produce a rifle that would comply with the draconian new gun regulations put forth in CT. The photo above is what they revealed to the press a little while back (the deuce-deuce is the rifle shown on the bottom). It turns out that my then predictions were correct…  It is indeed a .22 conversion in a standard rifle:

Stag president Mark Malkowski said his firm worked with the state police firearms unit not only for approval in writing, but also for suggestions. The company made a few modifications that the firearms unit said would make the weapon harder to modify back into a traditional AR-15, taking larger, more powerful rounds known as the Remington .223.

Changing the upper chamber would allow the larger, .223 rounds to be fired again. “It’s illegal to do it but criminals don’t obey the law.”

The Stag version should be less easy to modify. The hope is that Malkowski’s willingness to work with the law doesn’t hurt sales any more than are already hurt. And the breakthrough is that a Connecticut company celebrating its 10th anniversary was able to move a redesigned, manufactured product onto the market in two months.

So there will be a little “quirk” of some sort added to make it tougher (not impossible) to convert these rifles back to 5.56. That should get the know-nothing legislators off their back, but its downright stupid from a “prevention of crime” intention that was the entire rational for putting this law forward in the first place.

On the other hand… It might also not really get the gun grabbers off their backs. My assumption is that the “quirk” put into place will probably be something in the upper to keep the conversion unit from being removed (or removed without needing a special tool)… If that is the case, then the lower is still by legal definition a standard AR-15 lower and still technically illegal. All you would have to do is slap a standard center fire upper on it and its good-to-go. Or just work around the “quirk” to remove the conversion… Once again creating a situation where in order for the crime not to be committed (by their definition, another Newtown massacre), the criminal must be willing to comply with the regulation on the books. Remind me again, do criminals obey laws?

Like I said before, Liberator Rifle.


  1. Nice try but unfortunately no longer legal – rimfire exemption was removed in the “correction” bill, it appears. More stupidity but we in CT seem to have an unlimited supply of stupidity growing at the State House.

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