Laserlyte Reaction Tyme Trainer Targets Review

Not too long ago I had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at Laserlyte. Inside of said package was their latest and greatest training aid… The Reaction Tyme Trainer Targets.

Rasction Tyme Trainer

I will go ahead and tell you right off the bat that I have tested and reviewed a bunch of different laser training devices here on the blog, and I am a big, big fan. I’ve talked a great deal about incorporating lasers into your training in the past. In some of the reviews I have written I’ve talk about the cost savings that you get with it, I have written on what a great way it is to teach new shooters, I’ve told you how much fun it can make dry-fire practice, and how it expands the scope of what you can incorporate into your home practice sessions. When you couple all this with the current state of ammo availability in this country, these products are simply a God send. For anywhere from about $100 for a single training tool on up to about the cost of a new .22 plinker for an entire training system, you can do a great deal to supliment your training and do so at a significant decrease in cost.

What Laserlyte has done with these new Reaction Tyme Trainers is to take the next logical step forward from their original Laser Training Target. (You will remember that I reviewed the Laser Training Target a while back for you here on the blog, and I was a big fan of the innovative new product) What Laserlyte is now offering consumers is something that is very similar to their original offering in that this is a product which will allow you to conduct dry fire practice with a laser to mark shot placement, but with a very innovative new twist.

Laserlyte Reaction Tyme Trainer Targets

The Reaction Tyme Trainer Targets work in conjunction with anyone of the many Laser Trainers that are offered by Laserlyte. The Laser Trainer cartridges come in a variety of calibers including  9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .380 ACP. These are lasers that work just like snap caps and are inserted into the chamber of the handgun to use as an aiming device (You might remember that I reviewed their 9mm version of these wonderful tools here on the blog a while back). When you pull the trigger and your firing pin hits the back of the cartridge the laser is activated.

In addition to that, they also have a Universal Laser Trainer (LT-1) and a Laser Trainer Pro (LT-PRO). Each of these can be inserted into the muzzle of a firearm for practice. The Laser Trainer Pro works with pistols .35 – .45 caliber and the Universal model works with both pistols and rifles in any caliber from .22 – .50 cal.

The Reaction Tyme Targets are a really great training tool. As much as I highly recommend the laser trainers and the Laser Training Target, this new product does something really cool that you just cant get with any other product on the market.

The Reaction Tyme Targets have two separate modes that allow you to focus your training on simple marksmanship or reaction time. The “training mode” (simply designated by the ON-position) simply allows you to take slow measured shots on target and work on the basics like trigger control and sight alignment. You fire the shot whenever you are ready and the target blinks and beeps a couple of times to show the user that the target was indeed hit.

The “reaction mode” (designated by the RT-position) features randomly programed LED signals that blink in intervals of three to seven seconds. When the target blinks you then have 3 seconds to react and engage the target with an accurate shot. If you successfully shoot the target in the allotted time it will blink to show you that you made a successful hit.

The other thing that I will point out is that these new targets are a good bit smaller that the company’s original Laser Training Target. This new target places more of an emphasis on “shots on target” or just being “combat accurate” than the Laser Training Target which is more precision oriented.


Whats really cool about this is that Laserlyte gives you two targets in every box which allows you to have multiple targets to react to and engage. So… with multiple targets in one package you can set these targets up in various locations around the room and split your attention and vary the locations of the targets that you have to engage to really make the training session as difficult as you want. The sky is really the limit as to what you can accomplish. Heck, you could even buy a whole bunch of these things if you really wanted to and set up your own laser competitive shooting competition. The limits are just endless.

In the weeks that I have been working with these I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with these new targets. They have performed flawlessly and they really do make dry fire training a lot more fun and engaging. They are a great step froward in laser training, but the real kicker with these targets and what really makes them such a valuable tool is the fact that they allow you to bring the element of stress into the training equation.

When it comes to training for action shooting or personal defense, the ability to perform under pressure is a vital skill to have. The key to acquiring that skill is to be repeatedly and regularly subjected to it. Aside from the exposure to this that you will gain by participating in shooting competitions or by actually getting shot at on a regular basis there arent many other great choices out there to prepare yourself for shooting under stress. Certainly not in the comfort of your own home…. And like I’ve said before, all that you need to feed these things are batteries.

LaserLyte® TLB-RT Specifications:

Works with any of the LaserLyte® Trainers: LT-PRO, LT-223, LT-1, LT-380, LT-9, LT-40, LT-45. Two Targets with 2.5 inch diameter shooting ring

  • Batteries:                                3 x AAA
  • Battery Life:                            6,000 shots
  • Activation:                               LaserLyte® Laser Trainer
  • Weight:                                   4.25 oz. / 119 gr.
  • Length:                                    1.30 inches / 33.43mm
  • Width:                                     3.00 inches / 75.96mm
  • Height:                                    3.74 inches / 95.00mm
  • MSRP:                                      $175.95



  1. Just wondering…You can find Laser targets for less than $20 so why should you spent more than $100. iDryfire app is less than 15$ you will gate time and shot placement.

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