Stag Arms Unveils Modified, CT Legal Rifles

Basically, Stag Arms has introduced a .22lr AR-15 platform that they believe will pass the CT law test. Seen in the bottom of the case in the picture below:

Stag Arms unveils its redesigned military-style assault rifle, at bottom, and the original, at top. (Michael McAndrews | Hartford Courant)

Malkowski said he intends to seek approval from the state police firearms unit, which is charged with interpreting the 139-page law. (…) Even if the redesign is approved, Malkowski said, he might still move all or part of his company — which now has 200 people in a four-building complex in New Britain — to another state that does not restrict sales of his rifles.

So Stag Arms has introduced a deuce-deuce… which it looks like they already had in the works anyway. This is a very interesting move and it brings up a couple of questions. First, I am wondering if this whole “compliant AR” thing was just a publicity stunt or maybe just a smoke screen meant to placate anti-gunners in the state. I am also wondering if this is just a standard AR with a conversion kit in it… That would be down right delicious! Can you say Liberator, boys and girls? :)