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Here is your rundown of all the worthwhile headlines from around the web-o-sphere…. enjoy!


Judge skeptical of dismissing Fast & Furious suit

Targets of Opportunity

My Blue (Turquoise) Gun

G&A Basics: How and When to Sell Guns Online

Boston Bombing Highlights That “Gun Control” Is Dangerous

Soros Funded “Investigative” Anti-Gun Centers On The Rise

JTT Exclusive Deal on Mayflower R&C HK 417 RECCE Chest Rig at Appalachian Training

What caliber do you conceal carry? – Poll

Harry Reid (D-NV) Wants Background Checks To Buy Explosive Powder/Ammo– shocker, there

What “Gun Control Law Fail Outrage”? No One Wanted This But Democrats

Another Boberg XR45-S Update

Toomey: Obama to blame for defeat of gun bill

An Inside Look At America’s Military Dogs

Fight Light Gear from Tactical Tailor: a Review by EAGLElement

I’m entering my 1st long range competition!

Knight’s Armament Company Product Development

New Camo for Windham Weaponry VEX-SS

Gun-Shaped Whatsit Wednesday


The New IWI Tavor X95

Gun prohibitionists mount grisly anti-NRA effort

Blue Force Gear Launches PLATEminus

What’s in Your Pockets?

Advice before going pro

2013 Inland Empire Sectional Championships

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich shoots at Gunsite and discusses why we need high-capacity magazines