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Here is today’s roundup of headlines from around the web… enjoy!


Ruger SR-556VT


RI Gun Control Bill: 10 – 20 Years in Jail for >10 Round Mag

Increased interest in firearms means NRA programs are growing… quickly

” A slap in their collective and collectivist face.” — “Alabama man threatens to return with Connecticut’s banned ammo.” Well, that’s embarrassing. A change in my itinerary.

What does this shortage mean to you?

Gratuitous M4 Picture

Massachusetts’ strict gun control laws apparently didn’t stop the Tamerlan or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from getting guns

Video: “How the Media Blew the Gun Control Debate”

MythBusters…..2nd Amendment style!

People who are panicking seek the familiar.

Crosstac Ammo Can Liners

The Bulletproof Mind Seminar

California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes

Good read from Jesse

Off-topic, for a moment or two…

Emotional Words From The Anti-gunners: Tug those heart strings when logic wins…

Legislation Requiring Background Checks for Sale of Explosive Powder

Free Book

Outrageous: 8th Grader Arrested for Wearing Pro-Second Amendment Shirt to School

101 Things Liberals Are Not Pro-choice On

IWI Tavor SAR Manual

Reasons To Carry A Gun

LA Times hides gun control commentary in an article about the Boston Terrorists buying snacks

Gun Collecting: The Ruby Pistol

Weapons are useful, but self defense is of the mind

SWR’s SPECWAR 762 Is Now Shipping

Jerry Miculek shoots 27 rounds in 3.7 seconds

False Flags, Fake Blood, and Michelle Obama: A Guide to the Boston Marathon Conspiracies

F-18 dogfighting at the office (8 HQ Photos)

On Target Shooting Drills

Be Careful Taking Women on Dates to the Shooting Range

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