Daily Firearms News

Meh…. surprisingly enough, I just dont have anything to say today. But, here is today’s rundown of headlines from around the web (nothing highlighted in red today, because they are all good)… Talk amongst yourselves!


No Warrant, No Entry

Winchester PDX1 7.62×39

DeSantis Rail Ryder

The Continuing Crapification of Colorado

Chris Christie’s Gun Crime Solution: Ban .50 Caliber Rifles

Do Gun Grabbers Pine for More Spree Killings?

Question of the Day: What Would Be Your Perfect AR-15?

I have this Old Gun … the Smith & Wesson Model 1913

Long guns for home defense

8th Grade Student Arrested At School For Pro Gun T-Shirt

First Responders Agree: You are your own first responder


Reload A Shotgun Like A Boss

H2gO Water Purifier

US 5.56mm Ball Cartridge Comparison

Pro-Second Amendment Facebook Pages

Range Pics

Pump It Up-Shot Gun Buying Guide

Apology Necessary?

Joining the NRA

An Open Letter: Dear Smith and or Wesson

SKD “PIG” Plate Carrier- A Review

Factory Colt 9mm SMG’s & Sub-Carbines

Wash Times and the “A” Word

A Look at The Shoot Heard Round the World

Are Things Changing In the AR Parts Availability World?

75 Round Romanian RPK Drum Bump Fire

Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4×20 Scope Review

The Truth About 9mm Carriers

Why I Needed My AR-15

1911 – Why a Design More Than 100 Years Old is Still so Good


STAFF REVIEW: Kahles K624I 6-24×56 illuminated Mil Dot 4 review

North Shore Rescue SAR Tech Helo Pickup (11 Photos)

Self Defense Training Drill For Conceal Carry Weapon