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Gun debate about culture: Column

An Historic Day

New From Redfield: USMC M40 Riflescope

Demand for NRA Program Materials reaches All-Time High

No, Mr. President. YOU are the liar

Prostitute Gottlieb complains that he wasn’t respected in the morning.

Photo of the day: Sig Sauer P226 Single Action

The Mindset of “Safety”

Bullpups Unlimited conversion of Remington 870

Looking for a few good instructors…

Chinese Kalashnikov: The Poly Tech AKS-762

Revolver Basics

Crowd Funded AR15 Quad Rail and Bipod

Blind Horse Knives Drops Some Knowledge

Lionheart Industries

NSSF Statement Following Votes in the Senate

These Soldiers Did the Boston Marathon Wearing 40-Pound Packs – Then They Helped Save Lives

Federal Premium 38 Special Nyclad HP Complete Test

No Guard Like the Old Guard

22-Year-Old Woman Defends Herself From Attacker By Pulling Out Her Gun

Pre-Flight Checklist: Flying with Firearms

Image of the Week 

See which US Senators voted FOR increased gun laws today

Petition for U.S. Army Camouflage Announcement

Hagel blinks: Drone Hero medal binned

Have you seen this rifle?

Can Competition Really Get You Killed?

ProMag Marlin 795 Mag Review

Videos To Watch – 4/17/13

Ammo Availability Page – Update

The AR-15 Lower for Under $200!

It’s Not Over Yet

Project 590A1: Esstac Shotgun Card Sidesaddle