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Hornady Ammunition – The Word on Ammo Availability

Gear Review: Cheap Reactive Targets

Gun Tweet of the Day: Reid Calls Gun Control Bill “Anti-Gun”

‘Compromise’ on gun rights inevitably surrenders Constitutional high ground

Project Para: Step 1

How Alan Gottlieb sold out your gun rights

Photo of the day: the Right to Pwn

Reduced recoil Barrett M82A1

SSG69 PIV, police variant

AKMS underfolder with TechSights

“Universal Background Checks Aren’t”

Snake Hound Machine VEPR 54r

Remington Venture X Teaser

12 O’ Clock Light Height Comparison

B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD for War Sport Industries

VEPR 54R as a DMR?

Half Cocked: NY SAFE Act

Dana White Sports Sig Sauer Shirt, Is The UFC Letting Gun Companies Back in?

Our Job

File Under LOL: Intruder calls 911 for fear of house owner having guns

Fight Like a Girl: Melissa On Ashbury Custom

Bushmaster M17S Lightening

Great Quotes

Firearms Talk Radio

Kangee T-HAWK RMJ’s Collaboration With Columbia River Knife and Tool.

Maynard Gets a Sick AR-15

Video Games Are Evil? Seriously?

How rifle owners see themselves and others

The Militia