NRA 500 Controversy is Fake. NASCAR is Getting Duped.


NRA 500 Texas Motor Speedway

I wrote an article yesterday about the lack of publicity FOX Sports was giving the NRA 500 leading up-to and including the actual televised race. In that article, I suggested that the NRA should think about suing NASCAR for the sponsorship costs and that NASCAR should think about suing FOX for snubbing their race sponsor. Well, it looks like NASCAR is also not too happy about the fact that the NRA was the sponsor of the NRA 500 race Friday night at the Texas Motor Speedway…

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NASCAR plans to become more involved in race-sponsorship decisions by speedways in light of the continuing controversy surrounding the National Rifle Association’s sponsorship of the Sprint Cup race Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway.

“The NRA’s sponsorship of the event at Texas Motor Speedway fit within existing parameters that NASCAR affords tracks in securing partnerships,” said NASCAR spokesman David Higdon. “However, this situation has made it clear that we need to take a closer look at our approval process moving forward, as current circumstances need to be factored in when making decisions.”

This is downright despicable. NASCAR fans really need to make-hey about this and send a clear message to both NASCAR and FOX that this is completely unacceptable (Here is the Texas Motor Speedway’s Facebook page if you want to give them a quick shout-out of support. Here is NASCAR’s official Facebook page if you want to give them a piece of your mind).

I would bet dollars to donuts that the effort to blackball the NRA and not give them any coverage for their sponsorship was a consorted effort between both NASCAR and FOX. Its pure speculation on my part, but thats what it is looking like it is shaping up to be if you ask me.

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He said only a few people had contacted the speedway to criticize the sponsorship decision.

“We’ve had fewer than a dozen responses,” Gossage said. “Of those, only two had purchased tickets [to other TMS events]. There is no controversy or big uproar or even a tiny uproar. As for this senator, I appreciate a good publicity effort as much as anyone.”

And there it is in a nutshell… This is nothing more than two corporations allowing themselves to be shoved around by a politician and some of his other highly influential lackeys. There is no public outrage over the NRA sponsoring this race, and NASCAR’s customers/target audience are certainly not upset over it all. This is the ridiculous Chick-Fil-A controversy all over again. Its a very small group of people who are trying to fabricate a public outcry to further a political agenda. There is no disgruntled customer base here.

This is downright ridiculous. NASCAR fans and gun owners (but I repeat myself) need to get involved in this matter in a very big way.


  1. What’cha think, if NASCAR or NRA doesn’t respect their pro 2nd A fans, then they’ll eliminate the pre-race invocations next. Not like watching cars turning left was that exciting, but it was the only sport where American traditions of God and Guns was still honored. That’s why I watched, not so much now.

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