Daily Firearms News

Here are all the firearms news headlines for today from around the web. Enjoy!


Cowboy Pistols

Obscure Object of Desire: Cobray Pocket Pal .22 LR/.380 ACP Revolver

It Is Now Illegal for New Yorkers to Load More Than Seven Rounds Into an 10-Round Ammunition Magazine

Meanwhile, in Bloomberg’s anti-gun paradise, the wolves are attracted to rich defenseless sheep. Go figure.

1911 ratings list

A better sight for the Little Badger

Lasers for Ruger LCP

If the Police understand that giving media attention to Celeb “Swatting” encourages more of it, why can’t we do the same for multiple victim public shootings?

New Ad by “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”

San Francisco Admits Its Law Doesn’t Ban Hollow Point Ammo

Crime Rates “Skyrocket” In California

“Disabled Gun Owners To Sue State Over New Law”

The next best thing to the worst day of your life

Epic Gun Fail Compilation

NEW!! Saffle Industries Quad Rail w/Integrated Bipod – Crowdfunding Campaign

Palmetto State Armory Durability Test Trailer

Midwest Industries SS Generation 2 Free Float Handguard Panel Kit

Gun Porn

Public Safety & 2A Rights Protection Act

Beware of Flying Mags

Ohio Convicted Rapist Demands Citizens To Disarm

Newtown Mother Takes Obama’s Microphone and Pleads For Gun Control

Surefire LED Upgrade Review – Malkoff Devices M60F from Elzetta

Soldier Bryan Henn, Phony Hometown Hero

Where in the Walking Dead?

Mainstream Media Sells More Lies: CNN’s Amanpour Says Stricter Gun Laws Equals Less Gun Crime

Heavy Training with a weapon mounted light

US Army AK47 Manual

NASCAR and FOX are spineless

How to build a gun room in your home

Manufacturers Provide Repercussions for Gun Control

Black Wolf Tactical Phoenix Gun Buy Back PSA

Glock 30s: Best New Handgun for 2013?

How Can I Empower an Abused Girl?

Someone’s always got a bigger gun than you

Police State

The Day of the Shotgun

People who support door to door confiscation

Maynard James Keenan, and his integrally suprressed .300 BLK rifle

K-VAR Introduces Its SAM7K Pistol With Tactical Hand Guard and Flashlight

The Risk of Carrying an Untested Firearm – Life’s Easy Lesson #2

Ammo Update . . . Update

Chris Dorner’s gun for sale

Good 80% Lower Finishing Sites

Comp-Tac: World’s Best Sig Sauer 1911 Holster

Staff Gun Review: Springfield XDS 45 ACP

Arizona’s gun laws guy, Alan Korwin, tells us what got him interested in this area and what you need to know about it

The biggest and baddest submachine shoot – Knob Creek at night!