1. This sounds like a big SCAM to me. I give my name, my Credit Card info for a $3.00 charge, which they then send my letter? And I just gave them my credit card info for a $3.00 charge!!! What? A BIG SCAM to collect credit card info, is all I see. I would never. If they gave the date they wanted us to send the letters ourselves, it probably would be a better effort. I don’t know anyone who is stupid enough to give their credit card info to someone they don’t know for a charge of $3.00! Not cool!

    1. Credit card info is more secure than that. If this is a scam it will be brought down real quick like. And if I ever need to dispute any fraudulent charges, my credit card company is always pretty quick to throw it out.

      You are right though… asking for money is never a way to endear a movement.

      *I will also add that all the IP address info I have looked up checks out. They are definitely based in Austin Texas

      1. If they want to promote this movement, they should let everyone write their own letters and provide the mailing date, and let us mail it ourselves. I would definitely be involved, as long as I am not providing my credit card info.

        1. Yeah, I get that. I certainly think more people would participate that way.

          Hmmmm…. Its hard to nail down one single day, but maybe we should start our own movement and get people to bombard the WH with letters all week???

  2. Looks to me like someone is trying to secure their retirement. They just blew it with me, I won’t even send one myself now. Good try though.

  3. With a WH that is willing to muder to get their wishes, (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, health care) why would anyone think they give a damn about what we the people think?

    1. You are right. They dont.

      It might actually be better to flood news outlets with letters. maybe if a national lame stream media outlet got 1 million pro-gun letters they would run a story about it.

  4. Probable scam.

    Site operators hidden by proxy registration (I’ve seen two names associated with this in blog posts- Cindy Pham and Tara Beattie), bogus letter “counter”, won’t answer email inquiries, deletes inquiries on Facebook page, $3 for mailing a 62 cents (including time) letter, doesn’t account for the weeks-to-months-delay of mail on Capitol Hill. And writing to Obama? He has long pushed for victim disarmament; he’ll sign any restriction Congress sends him. He’s already helping cover Justice’s ass over F&F.

    Three bucks. And that “low price” they attribute to using a commercial bulk mailing service. When doing it yourself at retail prices would cost you a small fraction of that. Maybe these people will send the letters. But the target and message are poorly chosen, yet they make (assuming they get the “million” participants) damned good money for doing nothing but forwarding your name and address to a junk mailer.

    Better to spend your 62 cents writing to your senators and house reps. Better to telephone or email them, since a hard copy letter wouldn’t arrive until well after votes on all the legislation currently pending.

    If this isn’t a scam I invite the people running it to contact me to discuss the issues I’ve tried — repeatedly — to raise. I’d be happy to publish their answers on my Facebook page and web site, and forward them to other people who have expressed doubts about CtC, such as David Codrea.

  5. Interesting. I just noticed something else:

    “Tara Beattie” posted her comment here with her name linked to the CtC site, and referred to CtC as “we”. To me, that — at the very least — suggests she’s part of the organization.

    Yet over at the CtC Facebook page, “Tara Beattie” has posted a glowing compliment in a style that implies she just discovered CtC and thinks it’s a wonderful idea. (https://www.facebook.com/commandthechief/posts/520770151312732?comment_id=5192257&offset=0&total_comments=1)

    One of those comments is rather misleading. Again, it gives the appearance of either a conflict of interest or a scam.

    As yet, no one from CtC has replied to any of my inquiries.

  6. Eric & All,
    My personal system for contacting the government is a fax. They filter e-mail, USPS movement through the greater Washington D.C. area is notoriously delayed since the initial anthrax mailings.
    A traditional format letter, exactly as I would have mailed, with my signature, faxed and received when sent.
    Best non-governmental site for fax numbers is .
    The sites provided by the government often do not provide fax numbers.
    A single page signed fax has to be read and handled by somebody. Try it.
    ~Don McGaffey

  7. Sorry, I didn’t write it in code.
    The best non-governmental site for fax numbers is “www dot congressmerge dot com” tag Products, tag Congress, tag a State. I also found they have a full biographic on each member of Congress, and sort memberships of all committees. Great source for getting involved.
    ~Don McGaffey

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