The Most Deadly TSA Compliant Knife you can get

Alternate Headline: Next 9/11?

Since TSA announced that they will be allowing small knives to be carried on board airplanes again (What could possibly go wrong?) Emerson Knives has been working to come up with the most lethal incarnation that the new regulations would allow. The reuslt? The Emerson Hummingbird.

Emerson Hummingbird 2

I suspect that we will start to see more companies follow Emerson in creating TSA specific designs. Spyderco, for instance, has created strong slip joint knives in the past to be compliant with various jurisdictions that forbid locking blades.

Yep, its just a matter of time. I am sure there will be a big demand from the consumer market for these types of knives, and I am sure that knife manufacturers will be more than happy to fill it. I’d love to have one in my possession before the next time I fly. It would be very comforting.

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