Rep. Diana DeGette Responds


Yeah, you might remember the ignorance and the pure disdain for the lives of her constituents that Rep. Diana DeGette displayed for all of us to see at a recent meeting in Denver.Well, now she is upset that us simpletons actually listened to what she said.

So, how does she respond to people calling her out for her own words? She gets on the whaaambulance and runs to the Huff Post to cry about how mean people on the Internets are. ‘The gun lobby threatens and personally attacks people… now they are attacking me!‘.

Now the gun lobby has set its sights on me.

Really? I thought we weren’t supposed to use such “violent” rhetoric like that anymore?

The gun lobby wants to divert the public’s attention from the fact that a high-capacity magazine ban would reduce the number of magazines in circulation, simply because they would no longer be available for lawful purchase.

Wrong. Perhaps in 60 some odd years when the people that own these magazines finally all die off and the magazines are forced to be turn them into the government. Until then, your magazine ban does nothing to take these “evil” devices “off the streets”. It will do nothing but harass law abiding gun owners.

assault magazines

Thats absurd on so many levels. That I wont even dignify it with a response.

A high-capacity magazine ban will not stop an individual intent upon doing harm, but would give those victims in their sights a fighting chance when the gunman has to stop and reload.

You are right. It wont stop any of those lunatics. So why pursue it? Ahh because it will make massacres less massacrey. Yeah that makes sense. Not! Its pure hypothetical nonsense that has been debunked time and again… and oh BTW, we now know that the Newtown shooter reloaded his gun about half a dozen times. Get a clue, Ma’am.

This debate is not about me or the other lawmakers who’ve faced the same tactics. This debate is about the thousands of children and families who are the victims of gun violence every year — the 58 people injured and the 12 killed in an Aurora theater, the 20 children and six brave adults in a school in Connecticut, and the countless other faces whose names we do not know.

Its not about you, but you just spent ten paragraphs going on and on about how it was about you? Good Grief! What you are pushing will do nothing to stop lunatics from shooting up schools. What you are doing is nothing more than using a horrific tragedy to further your political agenda. Its pure political dogma. Nothing more. Nothing less…. and you should be ashamed of yourself for using murdered children for political gain.

Gun laws have proven time and again to do absolutely nothing to keep people safe – CT already had an “assault weapons” ban; Columbine took place right smack dab in the middle of the Clinton era “AWB”. At best what you are proposing is security theater… in reality, it is exploitation of a tragedy to accomplish a political end.

The high-capacity magazine ban is a reasonable and common-sense step towards preventing these massacres.

FYI – they are standard capacity magazines… and OBTW they can be reloaded. “Common sense”, indeed.

Talk about stuck on stupid. Watch out, first amendment… after seeing how quickly she was called out for her own words, I can bet that you will be the next section of the Bill of Rights that the good rep from Colorado will want to do away with.

*Congratulations… you did just about everything but ask people to send you a check.

  1. I thought that the job of our elected officals was to support and defend our constitution . it seems to me, that many if not all of the laws they are proposing/passing are illegal, Due to the idea that they limit or dismantle the rights set forth in the constitution ,, to be at he least illegal, or at the most construed as treason. Definatly something elected officials need to think about. That and, of course doing their homework and educationg themselves about what they want to regulate.
    Ken Lawson

  2. Oh, isn,t it aeful. All those evil bloggers persecuting poor Rep. Degette with their assault keyboards. Makes one want to reach for an assault tissue.

  3. Seems to me that the good representative may be taking undue and excessive advantage of the recent legalization of marijuana. Her comments are right up there with “that shoulder thing that goes up”.

  4. I propose a tax on keyboards to be used to reimburse public servants (sometimes call Tsars) for the expenses occurred in defending against bloggers.
    It need be only a small tax, (given the number of keyboards in use). All keyboards will carry a unique serial number and registered with the FCC. All blog entries, eMail’s, text messages, etc. will be electronically stamped with the serial number of the keyboard from which it originated.
    Each use will cause a $0.10 tax to be debited against the registered keyboard owners bank account. Credit and Debit cards will not be accepted because the cost per unit of tax is so high.
    All keyboard owners will be required to have a bank account and maintain a minimum balance of $100.00 to insure sufficient funds are always available. There will be a $5.00 penalty for each instance where the account balance falls below the minimum allowed.

  5. DeGette has gone past ignorance into criminal activity. It is called “Theft of Honest Service” and “Perjury”. By her own words she has supported and pushed for magazine bans “for years” without bothering to take advantage of the resources available to every member of Congress, attempted to legislate based on lies and misstatements fed to her by the Brady Bunch instead of doing the job she accepted generous payment and benefits for without qualm and swore an oath before a Federal Judge to perform. If the Department of Just Us wasn’t corrupt she would be facing charges.

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