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Diamondback Firearms Found To Have Infringed on Kahr Patents

‘Progressive’ CSGV objects to self-defense assistance for the poor

Navy ECOS-O optic contract awarded to Leupold and Aimpoint

Photo of the day: 10-8 Performance M&P

A couple of notes on Piers Morgan’s show from Monday night

Note how Democrats price penalties for not buying insurance when they really want people to buy insurance

To the weaker sex: accept it, plan accordingly!

How Manufacturers Are Dealing with the Ammo Shortage

Lights Out Saga Update

Bipod V2 MOUNT-N-SLOT from IWC

Magazine Capacity Limits Are Dumb

Free Shotguns For Poor People

Pulpless.com GunClock

Water cooled AR-15 with Happy switch

Your Safety is not the Government’s Responsibility

SIG Sauer M400 SRP

Range Porn and what not

SureFire’s MB556K

Colt Firearms: Stay in CT or Leave? That is the question, indeed

Who’s Mark Kelly?

What Gun To Buy? Top 3 Picks

‘A Dangerous Threat’: Texas Attorney General Vows To Fight ‘Unconstitutional’ U.N. Global Arms Treaty

U.N. passes sweeping international arms regulation viewed by some as Second Amendment override

Serbu Firing-Pin Failure, illustrated

‘Soup Nazi’ t-shirt design hatches a lawsuit threat

Rifle Shooting Positions

Ammunition, Ammunition, Whose Got the Ammunition?

Industry Day at the Range: The Death of Media Day?

Fallout of New Anti-Gun Legislation

What Is A Safe Room?

Optics Review: Swarovski 10×42 El Range Binocular

Fun at Front Sight