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Army really does not want a carbine competition

Chief’s ‘easy machine gun conversion’ challenge unanswered after three years

Now we have the DHS version of whitewash.


No More Filming in Colorado

Modifying the Glock – Part 4

This is my rifle

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Gun

Background Checks and Registration Introduced

My “Crappy” Guns

Smith & Wesson Shield Rear Sight Pinch

Liberal Logic 101

TSA Approved Knives at Blade HQ

Victory Tactical Gear RTP26225 Rifle Plate Test

NYSRPA Files SAFE Act Lawsuit

Palmetto State Contemplates Constitutional Carry

Unarmed People and the Constant Battle of Wits

Record Low Firearm Violence In Florida

Colt CEO Asks: Does it make sense to stay in Connecticut?

Dianne Feinstein will keep going and going and going until she gets her Assault Weapons Ban

Gun permit applications in Newtown have almost tripled since Sandy Hook tragedy

Federally Licensed Firearms Retailers in New Survey Overwhelmingly Oppose ‘Universal Background Checks’

Vice: 3D Printed Guns Documentary

Background Checks

Thermold 20 Round AR15 Magazines

Why There Is An Ammo Shortage

1911 Magazine Inspection and 10-Round Magazines

This is why I don’t like Kel Tec’s

Drawing from concealment by John Holschen

Not just anti-gun Dicks, but tax chiseler Dicks too!

CT Senator Chris Murphy (D) Has the NRA On the Run!

Democrats and Gun Control: No, no, we just wanted background checks the WHOLE time, that was our only goal!

Streamlight’s Amazing TLR-2 HL–Review April – 2013

SAF Defends Right of Self-Defense at UN

Stacked Deck at UN ATT Talks

10 Sketches From Inside Guantanamo Bay’s Military Courtroom

Slow motion bullets: part 2 (23 HQ Photos)