What? How can you hate Duck Dynasty?

Duck Dynasty

Backyard Shooter apparently does hate Duck Dynasty… which is fine. This is America, and he has some good points. But I do think he is taking the show too seriously.

Duck Dynasty is completely phoney. Its not “scripted” but it is indeed entirely staged. Just like every other “reality” TV show that has ever been on the air. Dont believe me?

duck dynasty chair

In the episode of Duck Dynasty entitled “Redneck Logic“, Miss Kay sells Phil’s chair during a yard sale. At the end of the episode when the men come home, Phil is angry that his wife sold his chair. But when you look closely in the background, you see that the very same chair is in fact in the exact same pickup that it was just seen driving off in only a few seconds ago. There are several other examples of the show being staged that can be found in other episodes as well.

Duck Dynasty is not real. They are not going out and documenting these people’s daily lives. They are showing up once or twice a week and filming them acting out pre-planned scenarios to get as much entertaining footage as they can in the 10 hour work day. Then its all edited-up to make it as entertaining as possible. Its entertainment. The people on Duck Dynasty are putting-on and trying to be over the top. Everything they say and do is contrived and it is meant to be as entertaining as possible. Thats the way every “reality” TV show is. Its all an act. I can guarantee you that the way the people are portrayed on the show is not in any way how they actually are in real life.

But I do think that the show works. I personally like Duck Dynasty. We watch every episode and we laugh our fannies off. Its about the only “reality” show on TV right now that I am able to actually look past the staged nonsense and actually enjoy watching it.

I also dont think that it portrays gun owners in a bad light… Thats just my personal opinion and its certainly open for debate, but if its being so well received by such a large audience then I think its doing us a good service. I think they portray gun ownership in a good light as well as family values, Christianity, and the simple way of life. And I think that it resonates with people. Heck, they have even used those evil AR15s on a couple of different episodes and never got any flak for it.

Yes, I do agree that its “pointless nonsense”, but thats just about everything thats on TV. I also think that the show goes a bit too far at times with the over the top silliness. I think they have now arrived at a “formula” for the show in which they believe that the “Three-Stooges” style of zaniness is whats best for ratings. I think that at times its just too much, and that they would be better served just focusing on the family stuff like they did in the first several episodes. But they have their notions about what is best for ratings so thats the way its gonna be. Its all ratings driven, and if they think that is whats gonna get them ratings then thats what you are going to see portrayed on the show. Real or not.

*BTW, I think that the opening to the show is pure brilliance.



  1. You raised very good points. Perhaps you’re right that it’s not doing as much harm as I personally believe. That’s a good thing. I don’t WANT it to cause problems for gun owners, I just see the potential for it. As you said we all have opinions and I appreciate you sharing a link, even if only to prove me wrong. :)

  2. I despise duck dynasty because southern, red neck lifestyle disgusts me. I do not relish anti-intellectualism, adults acting childishly, and most all the dissonance this is the southern accent. I suppose backward hicks are people just like me– people I dont care to think about, let alone see.

      1. We sir, I am a backwoods country boy myself, but I also put my redneck ass through law school. just because you have a brain dont mean you need to show off with it or act all fancy. life is about living. youve got a city boy outlook and thats fine, but yall better believe that when the power goes out and china comes calling, those same ‘hicks’ are gonna be the real men saving your pedicured ass.

        But you are entitled to your opinion. just dont go running it off. my momma told me you aint got nothing nice to say dont say nothing.

        aint that sweet.

    1. Wow, you must not relish yourself. Seems they are doing a whole lot better than any of us. If you don’t care to hear about them or see them, why look them up on the internet.

      Which are you? The pot or the kettle. You are a prime example of thinking backwards.

      Did you cry when Jersey Shore ended?

    2. Bill, I feel sorry for elitists like you. I am guessing you are either from up north, or a northern ‘invader’ that has ruined a nice little piece of the south by moving down here. Trust me, we feel the same about people like you. I am glad you are not my neighbor.

    3. Bill you are a really special kind of loser, Im sure even your Mother is ashamed to call you her own. You most certainly think highly of yourself and I am almost positive that you are the only one who does, which is ashame… you’re really a sad little puny man with no influence and no intelligence about real Americans. And you do more for the conservative people in this country than anyone else could when you make such ignorant comments in public so please continue to do so often it helps others see what a loser you are and your cause is. Have a Blessed Good Day.

  3. You can’t take a show like Duck Dynasty seriously…

    Oh, of course this show is partly staged, I figured that out the first episode I watched.

    The whole show isn’t staged though, they’re not actors, and that’s clear. I watch the show for the pure entertainment value.

    I love the show, the only thing that bugs me is the fact that they ignore the camera crew, they really should break the 4th wall and point out the multiple cameras. I’d love the show just that much more if they did.

    And I’m not defending the way the show is edited/the way some things are staged… I definitely don’t like it, but I ignore it because it’s still entertaining.


  5. Does the writer of this article who obviously doesn’t like it that Duck Dynasty is in control of their own destiny and NOT the left wing Libs, but is she really so ignorant to NOT understand how this show works. It has been written about in several real articles by real writers unlike this one, The A&E writers interview the family about incidents in their past that actually occurred and then they recreate those incidents in the show. Such as the blown up pick up truck and duck blind etc, those incidents actually occurred and A&E recreated the incident for the TV show. Anyone with any common sense at all knows they dont follow these people around daily with a video camera and record their lives as it happens lol good lord this writer shows just how ignorant she is by writing this. It is so funny how the left is trying to subtly attack these guys nonstop now since Phil said homosexuals are living in sin. All these people are trying to do is tear down The Robertsons but these folks are not smart enough to realize most of America relate to this family. Normal America is closer to the Robertsons than these left wing nut jobs writing this crap

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