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A Recipe, and a Truly Irritating Experience

Czechpoint 22WMR revolver

Mid-length 38s, old and new

Gun Dates: Do or Don’t?

Gun Owners and Communication

New York Student Uses AR-15 to Stop Home Invasion

Kel-Tec KSG Owner/Operator Series


Need AR15 Upper Receiver Groups? CIV Tactical has you covered!!

Gear Review: Apex Tactical RDS Mount

National Gun Victims Action Council: Wayne LaPierre [Not Shown] is a Psychopath

Observations from the Gun Show

A ‘Coalition Against Universal Background Checks’ Formed

Rep. Says That Obama Must “Exploit” Murdered Children

CT: Advisory Commission Chooses Stupidity Over Logic

Video Tuesday!!!

Some shots from the weekend

Silencerco/SWR SPECWAR 762 7.62mm Silencer

British Special Forces request larger calibre ammunition and the weapon systems to deliver it to the ‘other’ side.

Strive For Achievement

BCM Jack Carbine

Practical Pistol Shooting Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Magpul Responds to Gov. Hickenlooper

Zombie Animal Archery Shoot this weekend in Aberdeen, Wash.

Help Fealty Arms Produce The 80% Lower

Illegal Mayor #… who’s counting?

Connecticut Against Gun Violence email propaganda: Please read for yourselves

Smith & Wessons M&P10 7.62mm Rifle – First Impressions

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