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Exclusive: B&T APC223 Prototype .223 Rifle

Spuhr’s Innovative NV Cantilever Mount

WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica

Now that’s funny. I can only hope that they end up sending such morons to MY door.

Homeland Security’s Ammunition Purchases Should Not Worry You

Second Amendment Challenge Coins

So called “logic” of gun bans.

Wayne LaPierre’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference

State legislatures passing laws to prevent state employees from enforcing federal gun laws

In Defense of the NRA

G&A Ranks the Best States for Gun Owners in 2013

Heizer Defense .410 Pocket Shotgun

More on the Taurus ST12 Shotgun


Maryland Wait Times for Handguns, Rifles Running 40+ days

Ruger SP101: The Perfect Wheel Gun?

Maintaining Your Carry Pistol

Colorado Sheriff Says New State Gun Laws Won’t Be Enforced

More Law Breaking From MAIG Member Mayor

I found the Sight Pusher Tool all gun owners can use!

Scarborough: Ted Cruz’s ‘Willfully Ignorant’ Gun Rights Argument Intended To ‘Mislead’ Americans

HK P30 Table Top Review

Some nice shots

Those Were the Days – .22LR Prices Then and Now

Armageddon Magazines Ceases Production

Early Colt Carbines


Buyer’s Remorse

California Gun Seizures

BCM’s Jack Carbine Review

10 Items You Must Have to Be A Proper Prepper

Changes To My Armed Response Bag

Combat Mindset

Practice, Practice, Practice: Three Concealed Carry Basics

Gun Control: When Storekeepers Shoot Back

GNB: Checking equipment before using them

Jason Falla in action

A thousand dollar AR barrel?

Larue Tactical: RAT Stock

Skill Set: Manipulation Basics

PHOTO OF THE DAY: LaRue PredatAR 7.62

StressVest™, World’s First Non-Projectile Force on Force Training System

Women and firearm series. #1

Can you dishwash a Glock?

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield