Why is the Gun-Control camp so pro-rape?

Good question…. Why is the Gun-Control Civilian Disarmament camp so pro-rape?

Liberalism hates women. Liberalism would rather vilify a gun than vilify a rapist. Liberalism is anti-gun, no matter what. I simply find this unacceptable.

It seems to be the new talking point… What?: The Solution to Rape, Train Men Not to Rape!

We cant even teach our politicians to not rape our country and they think this is actually a viable answer??? They think that a rape is just some kind of misunderstanding? That we can teach rapists to be more thoughtful, and try to wine and dine a woman first?

This is moronic. Or… we’ve officially won and they are now just grasping at straws.

Here is the way you teach a rapist not to rape…. point a Glock at his nuts, pull the trigger, repeat as needed!

  1. Women should be trained to shoot at the testicles and penises of possible assailants. Maybe some target company could manufacture such targets, specifically for the ladies.

    Go for the balls, go for the balls, one shot one kill! Or two shots, if you wish…

    Just sayin’.

      1. Who said anything about making a rapist’s death quicker? I mean, sure, he’ll possibly die from shock and blood loss (unless 911 arrives first), but as he does, he can realize his death is due to his penis and balls, which are now causing him to bleed to death. Appropriate. :)

  2. It’s good that this issue has become part of the debate; this is something that needs to be discussed. What puzzles me is why the gun grabbers seem so caught off guard by it. Whistles, safe zones, pens and vomit? REALLY? You have got to be kidding!

    1. I think it all goes back to the left trying to own the “empowerment of women” movement and conversely trying to label the right as being in a “war on women”.

      Their default argument for control is “just be murdered”. They dont value an individual’s life higher than their desire to disarm the civilian population. Self defense is never a justifiable excuse to them for owning a gun. If a people get killed because they did away with the RKBA then so be it.

      The problem is that they cant play that card with regard to rape. If they go ahead with the same argument and say “just be raped” then they lose the entire woman’s rights movement… and they are more scared of that right now than of not achieving their end goal of civilian disarmament.

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