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Purse Holster from DeSantis

One More Senator to Contact…


Photo of the day: Instant flying death!

Women in the Infantry

Introducing 2ABill.com

Common Sense for America

NEW!! Damage Industries $99 Carbine Length Rigid Rail – Coming Soon

Schumer’s Expanded Background Check Bill No Go

Gun Review: Colt LE901 16S

Read ‘Em and Weep: 80 Civilian Disarmament Bills (Not Including All the Other Ones)

Even Shotguns Use AR-15s for Self Defense

VIDEO: MSNBC: Lawrence O’Donnell: Guns, Paranoia, and Hatred

VIDEO: The Never Again Campaign

Florida SB 1678

The Ruger Shopkeeper

Concealed Carry Tips For Dealing with the Wind

Background Checks Surpass Two Million For Four Months

Los Angeles Wants To Confiscate Legal 10+ Magazines

February 2013 Adjusted NICS Checks Up 29.1 Percent

First-Person POV Shooting Montage

Fan Photo

Snow, Guns, Marines

Gun-Shaped Whatsit

Comments on My Secret

Say No to an Emotional Response

How Little is Too Little?

How Not To Respond on the Street or Anywhere Else

Saiga MK-107: The Civilian AK-107 (With Balanced Recoil) Arrives


Needing the Second Amendment: My Life as a Tyrant

Beretta: Why don’t they leave Maryland?

RE Factor Tactical Survival Band

Spray and Pray is not a police tactic. Er…

Springfield, Massachusetts: from making guns to jailing owners

The Inconvenient and Uncomfortable Reality: When we say No to your gun laws

Trending Now: “You’re on your own” by Project Veritas

The CTC at West Point: You’re a domestic terrorist if you support The Constitution

Mexican Armed Forces

Before going to space, NASA trains in their pool (82 Photos)