The Wife Goes to Get her Permit This Weekend

Yep, if you have been following along on the blog then you already know that The Wife has finally gotten serious about getting her permit and carrying everyday. (Yes, I am very proud) Well, she goes this Saturday to do all the shooting and test taking and what not needed to become a legal member of the concealed carry world.

She is ready for it. I took her to do a practice shoot of the qualifier test last week and she smoked it. She only missed two points so she has a lot of wiggle room to still be able to pass. I am sure she will be fine. She’s a good shooter (read: good enough) and she is doing a good job at taking her time and making every shot count. If she can do that on test day, then it will be a slam dunk.

I will be sitting in and auditing the class with her – she didint want to sit there all day by herself when she didnt know anybody – so that will be a nice refresher. Its gonna be hard to sit there during the range session though and watch other people get to shoot while I cant. Oh well.

    1. She already took my Glock 26… which in reality used to be hers and I then took it from her a while back. She will probably carry that to start with, and then we will figure out how and what exactly she wants to carry and adjust as needed.

  1. YES, this!

    Congrats and best to you!

    *As a side note may I openly say that a woman with a gun, who knows how to use one properly, is freaking sexy as sexy can be?*

      1. LOL! That was funny!

        I agree, then. A woman with a gun shooting a target in the balls is not as sexy as I thought…ha! At least she is aware of ammo discipline. One single shot to the balls is worth three to the chest.

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