New TEC 12 Shotgun is Both Pump and Semi-Auto

Pretty interesting concept… But I am not really sure how practical it all is. Tri Star Arms has introduced a new shotgun called the TEC 12 which is both a pump action and a semi-auto action. Oddly, it also couples a 20 inch barrel with that pistol grip.

Tri Star TEC 12

This shotgun is designed to utilize two actions on the same frame.  The TEC 12 is capable of operating in PUMP mode and in Semi-Auto mode by just the turn of a dial.  The 3″ Chambered TEC 12 uses an inertia Rotary Bolt for smooth action response (in semi-auto).  The TEC 12 is finished in Matte Black and features a picatinny rail mounted on the receiver, ghost ring sight and raised front bridge sight with a fiber optic bead, black synthetic stock with rubber fixed pistol grip, plus 1 set of military sling swivels and one set of swivel studs installed.  The TEC 12 also has an External Ported Cylinder Choke and is backed by TriStar’s 5 Year Warranty.


Price is $689

  1. Makes me think of the SPAS 12 made by Franchi from 1978 until 2000. The justification for the “dual mode” action on the SPAS was that lower powered rounds which would not reliably cycle in the semi-automatic mode could be run with the pump mode. With modern semi-automatic shotgun designs like the Remington Versa Max this really is becoming a problem of the past though. I would imagine that the drawbacks of the pump mode will be similar to those seen in the SPAS as well, cumbersome transitions from semi-automatic, and less smooth and reliable pump action than a dedicated pump gun.

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