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Colt M45CQB United States Marine Corps 45 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol 

Defense moves to drop remaining counts against N.M. gun dealers

Witness the birth of a Silencerco Saker

How safe is your gunsafe?

Hello My Name is Gabby…

A Thought On Personal Safety And Security

Kel-Tec PMR-30 Handgun Review

CA: Dozens Turn Out For Anti-Gun Rally

A Good Way to Lose the Fight


87-Year-Old Shoots Man Attacking Pregnant Woman

Cavalry Manufacturing SCAR MK17S PMAG Lower

Giveaway: Manticore Arms AR-15 SAGE Trigger Guards

AmericanSnipers.org Head Down Products Rifle Raffle

Ban Guns? No: Ban New York

Buying a handgun in Maryland: Lots of paperwork, lots of waiting

ARs Are Weapons of War. So What?

SAF Launches “Equal Gun Rights” Campaign

African American Leaders Praise NRA, Condemn Disarmament

No Second Amendment Right To Conceal Firearms

Clown Camo

Senate Panel To Vote On Gun Ban

Ask Gun Companies To Boycott New York State

Ladies, Guns and Rape


LuckyGunner and PMC .45ACP REVIEW

My dads review of bull hide belts

Sheriff Warns of Second American Revolution over Gun Control

Official SilencerCo Saker Video

Kyle Lamb Shows Off Troy SGM Lamb Carbine

Why Did Obama Put Biden In charge of Gun Control?

Shotgunning : Skeet Adventure

Beards: University Studies Show You’ll Live Longer and be More Awesome

Remington 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum

Is Texas about to become very rich?

Beretta preparing Maryland escape contingency plan

Self Defense Commentary

Ankle Holsters and Other Unconventional Carrying

Fixed, Folding, or No Backup Sights on Your AR? Take 2

Is It a Tool or Just for Bragging?

Practice Like You Mean It!

Product Review: Fenix TK22 LED Flashlight

Comcast Pulls All Gun Ads – Is There No End To The Madness…

NSSF Postpones Shooting Sports Summit

Jatimatic Submachine Gun

VIDEO: SAF Launches New Campaign To Defend Equality Of Gun Ownership

White House Accused of Pushing Gun Control With Fake Twitter Accounts