More New York Anti-Gun Stupidness

Looks like the new law in New York is gonna require every permit holder to “renew” (read: re-apply) in 2014. So says Jesse. He had a conversation with a local Sheriffs department and found out the news.

I smell a rat in this one. Me thinks that they are looking to strip a bunch of law abiding citizens of their right to carry… and/or catch a bunch of people with lapsed permits who didnt know that they are gonna have to do this. Those people will probably never get their permit back, will be charged with a gun crime, and then lose their God given right to firearm ownership.

Can you say civilian disarmament, boys and girls?

One more thing. I will also point out this post… So how bad is New York? … that you must check out. This is utter insanity.

  1. So how do you lose the right to exercise a right because you failed to obtain a permit to exercise that right? Start requiring permits for abortions and watch them lose their minds.

  2. Rights are not God given! They are endowed by our Creator. The founders new how to spell God, the used it several times. They used Creator in this instance for a reason.

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