Lies, Damn Lies, and This Load of Crap

Somebody should tell that idiot over at Real Clear Politics that just because you write it in an article doesnt make it true.

Oh, yes, and it was also finally noticed that a majority of Americans doesn’t own guns, that gun ownership has dropped over time, and that this real majority does not want to be forced to live in a world in which everyone is terrorized into buying a weapon.

Careful, you came damn close to being openly gleeful in that article about all those kids who got shot up at Newton. And “rural“? Really? If I call someone “urban” I’m pretty sure it would be misconstrued as racist, so I think the same rule should apply to “rural“.

I also just love how when liberals get their way its because ‘its the will of the people!’ but when they fail to achieve their political end goals (civilian disarmament) its because of the ‘evil special interest groups like the NRA that control everything.’

Once it became clear that neither they nor anyone else on the side of gun sanity would be intimidated by the NRA, the bullies were revealed for what they are and their punch was shown to be far less formidable than their threats.

Load of crap all the way around.

  1. Well, anyone who’s ever suffered through reading any of E. J.’s “writings” knows what an arrogant, leftwing know-it-all he is. In other words, he’s your typical liberal. He seems to know as much about guns as I do about brain surgery (which is damned little; I’m a telecom tech). Nonetheless, I support his Right to make an ass out of himself, and give us further proof as to how far the left is out of touch with REAL “mainstream America”.

    I do have a question for E.J., though: just how do you propose to take our guns?

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