About that Gawker Anti-Gun Article

If you havent heard by now, Gawker put out an anti-gun hit piece entitled “‘Reddit Assault Rifle’ Is The Most Terrifying Thing On The Internet and It’s For Sale on Reddit Right Now“. By that they of course mean, the simple fact that it is for sale at all is “the most terrifying thing” in the world!

Yes someone posted this gun for sale online:

'Reddit Assault Rifle' Is The Most Terrifying Thing On The Internet and It's For Sale on Reddit Right Now

… and by doing so broke no law whatsoever and acted in a 100% moral, legal, and ethical way. But Gawker got upset. Gawker apparently thought that its a travesty that you can do such a thing. Even though the seller of course cant knowingly sell it to a felon and they 100% have to go through a FFL if they want to sell it to anyone out of state… Thats the law, and they 100% complied with it. Still thats not good enough for Gawker who apparently thinks you have no right to sell your personal property unless the .gov says its OK.

So here is the thing about this article. Its obviously biased. Its obviously agenda driven. Its obvious that the author is anti-gun and was stalking Reddit for some time now trying to find something, anything heinous that they could get everybody all worked up about. But they didnt find anything…. so they had to sensationalize something that is 100% legal and happens day in and day out in this country. Yep, when there is no news…. no sensational shocker of a story… just throw some crazy horse-sheet up against the wall and see if it sticks.

Hey Gawker, here is a hard hitting story for you to break… Countless baby killing machines for sale on the Internet right now. Including face-to-face unregulated straw purchases. And its all legal! Stop the presses: Cars.com

  1. Let’s not forget these guys got all upset when talks of SOPA/PIPA and other online privacy bills were in the works and protesting by going dark. All in the name of what? How soon they forget about that slippery slope. All they’re related sites are hypocritical.

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