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Getting around .223 shortages.

Competition gun comparison: M&P Pro

Rental Gun Stress Test: Chiappa Rhino Follow Up

Gun Nuts Media hires Gabby Marcuus of ArmedCandy

Have We Forgotten the Utøya Massacre?

ArmaLite: We Won’t Stop Selling to Gun Ban State LEOs

NRA: Gun Ownership Soars, Murder Rate Plummets

Making a non-gun purse safe for carrying a gun

J&G Sales Jumps on the No Govt/LEO Sales Bandwagon

Going Too Far: Mayors Dropping From MAIG

Helicopter Hog and Coyote Hunt – Cedar Ridge Aviation

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here

67 Florida County Sheriffs Sign Pledge To Protect The RKBA

On The Gun Industry Fighting Back

Black Gun Clubs and The Right To Bear Arms

Don’t Mess With Texas: Lawmakers Seek to Block Federal Gun Control

Assault on Liberty

Take a Stand NOW

MidwayUSA Cancels Surefire Magazine Backorders

What Holster Can Go From a Workout to a Night Out??

Staff Gun Review: Fenix TK15

The Strap Crap

How to Carry Concealed

Surefire releases UBR Invictus

Shooting the Biggest Guns Money Can Buy | The Big Sandy Shoot

Former Secret Service Agent speaks up about gun control

Pizza shop discount for 2A in Virginia

Brilliant Backstraps for Xd and XDs

Blending in Does Not Necessarily Mean Dressing Like Someone from New York City

Methods That Carjackers Use

Dry Fire Drills

Really Cool Shooting Video

Magpul iPhone 5 Field Cases Start Shipping On Friday

Photo of the Day

Top U.S. Stealth Jet Has to Talk to Allied Planes Over Unsecured Radio

We generally don’t recommend bringing kung fu to a gunfight…

Obama Pushes Gun Control not gang control

This is what you call a big ol smack of reality

Chicago’s top cop likens gun lobby’s influence to corruption | Fox News