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The President’s Guns on President Day – courtesy of the NRA Museum

Northtech Defense Billet Lower Receiver

Is Magpul leaving Colorado?

Serbu 50BMG rifle

Shooting Tip of the Day: Is That A Laser In Your Pocket?

Fortress Defense Defensive Pistol I AAR

Mexico Wants a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners

Do Dissipators Make Sense?

Review: White Sound Defense FOSSA-556

NEW!! Lower Price and “Magpul” Color for Tactical Link EBAL (Enhanced Battery Assist Lever)

Tactical Dynamics Chameleon Sling – REVIEW

Foghorn’s Proposals for New Gun Control Laws and Regulations

Standard Capacity Magazine Severity (NY)

Why I Am Against Universal Background Checks

MN: Anti-Gun Democrats Walk Out On Expert Gun Testimony

In Massachusetts More Gun Control, Now Higher Crime

DOJ Researchers Conclude Gun Ban Won’t Stop Violence

2nd Amendment Politics in the Classroom

Do you practice like you carry?

Arizona Ladies Support Gun Rights

Mandatory Reading

Two great tastes

Steyr AUG A3 VLTOR Receiver

All Around Pizza’s Jay Laze

Ruger LC380 Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol by Jeff Quinn

What Your Enemies Hate You Should Love – Lynn C. Thompson

Gun Control’s FAQ

Inexpensive Body Armor: Amazon

Bradley Cooper to Play Chris Kyle in American Sniper

Gun Control – The Best Op-Ed Ever

Marksmanship: Back to the Basics

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Chris Costa shooting M60

Aero Precision: Continuous Optics Platform (C.O.P.)

Question for Preppers

Why Bugging In Is Better Then Bugging Out Revisited

My Favorite Range Bag Revisited

Georgia Capital Pro Gun Rally

CCI Standard Velocity – Preliminary Review

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Guns For Everyone is giving away AK magazines

Pro gun rally on Denver Capitol, Saturday February 23rd

A Primer on Situational Awareness Part 2

Do You Need Night Vision and the Science Behind It

Perfect Practice Makes—As Perfect As You Can Be?

Army Kills The Military’s Last Remaining Giant Spy Blimp

Beginning of a Shooter (Part 2)

Cop negligently shoots partner, other cop panic-fires

AR is for ARtistry, redux… Turnbull TAR-15

Boston cop shoots up Nashua, NH hotel

John McCain Implies Support for Universal Background Checks (aka De facto Federal Gun Registration)

I’m a gun owner

Allstar Tactical Magazine Review