Midway USA jumps on the police have to play by the same rules bandwagon

Larry Potterfield (of Midway USA fame) is a great man, and a patriot. I have never had the chance to meet him in person (I have exchanged email correspondence with him), but I have all the respect in the world for him. These recent happenings only adds to that respect.

Currently, there are several parts of the country that have restrictions on civilian ownership of certain magazines or types of ammunition.  Sometimes it is entire states and sometimes local municipalities pass these regulations, which I consider unconstitutional. At any rate, when we encounter these situations it has always been our policy not to sell to anyone in these areas, regardless of what law enforcement or government credentials they offer up. If the laws change and all law abiding citizens can buy these products we would be happy to sell to Law Enforcement, but not before then. Thanks for taking the time to be involved. I wish all firearms would follow your lead.

On Behalf of Larry, Thanks For Your Business,
Eric Ellingson
Contact Center Supervisor
NRA Endowment Member

And yes, all the dollars that I vowed would never, ever go to Cheaper Than Dirt will indeed be going to Midway USA. I have always enjoyed doing business with them before, but now it will be even more enjoyable.

  1. Just another reason to do business with a great company, Midway USA is a wonderful operation thats takes care of it’s customers. More companies should start to shut out goverment and law enforcement contracts to send a message that is loud and clear. Your doing a great job Mr. Potterfield

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