Gun registration? Can we finally throw Bill O’Reilly Overboard?

Here is his direct quote (emphasis mine) from his appearance on Letterman the other day. Video and more after the jump:

“Here’s what you do with guns…you federalize all gun crimes, number one. You take it out of the local jurisdiction and state and you federalize it, right? So therefore if you’re caught in a gun crime holding up a 7-11, you get a mandatory 10 years if you’re convicted in a federal pen, on top of whatever Slurpee you stole…The second thing you do is, if you buy a gun, you have to register the gun — just like you have to register your car, alright. Now, people say ‘Oh, slippery slope, they’re gonna come–. Hey, this makes it easier for the government to take a thug who has a gun that’s not registered and put him in jail for 10 years.”

Hey Bill, here is a gut-check for ya… Letterman’s response to your plan to register guns is “I couldnt agree more”. How does that make you feel?

He also states in the video that the Newtown carnage was caused by the AR15, but then in the next breath says that he wants one to protect his own family with. BUT its not justifiable in big cities. WHOA? Seriously?

  1. Bill has become a panderer. (He always was an elitist.) Anything to keep his ratings up.

    I have no respect for him at all.

  2. Look up “Haynes v. United States”. (1968) Convicted felons do not legally have to register a ny firearms if ANY other law already prohibits firearms to them, as that would be a violation of 5th amendment rights.

  3. Oreilly is an admitted statist fascist. Oreilly: “You gotta trust your government, they’re trying to protect you.” WOW. Talk about statist, fascist government propaganda. Oreilly is not an independent individual, he is employed by an establishment owned propaganda network. Oreilly just called for an END TO STATEHOOD, did you notice that? He said “federalize crime.” This guy has never read, or doesn’t respect any part of our constitution, which is PRE-DATED by statehood, and contains provisions protecting statehood. Oreilly wants a federal dictatorship. Hitler would love Oreilly.

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